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LED Area Fixture Lighting

Today, LED technology has advanced dramatically, positioning itself as a highly viable, energy-efficient option for area lighting. As such, our selection of LED area lighting contains fixtures and LED lights that are much more energy efficient than traditional lights, saving you more money in the long run. These lights provide a high luminous efficacy and can light large areas such as parking lots, campuses, streets, airports, and other venues where powerful area lighting is required. Choosing the right Area lights for your project can be difficult that is why we are here to help. Give one of our experienced lighting specialists a call today.

Area Light Fixtures

We have a large selection of LED fixtures, so you are sure to find the lights that fulfill your project requirements. We have several different fixture styles, and you can filter your search results to select for wattage, voltage, lumen output, color temperature, and other useful technical parameters. All of these LED lights are capable of replacing metal 250W to 1000W halide lights and high-pressure sodium vapor lamps. They last much longer and they consume less energy.

In addition to lights and fixtures, we have useful arm mounts that can help you set up your fixtures. Our selection of lights, fixtures, and mounts is provided by trusted manufacturers like ATG, Atlas Lighting, MaxLite, and RAB Lighting.

Experts in Lighting

Atlanta Light Bulbs has the industry expertise to provide the most comprehensive selection of LED options on the market. We also provide essential services like energy analysis, installation and removal, utility rebate calculations, recycling, and financing to help you transition to an energy efficient LED alternative.

If you have any questions about our LED lighting options or services, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a chat message and our lighting specialists will be happy to help. Check out our LED area lighting selection and order what you need today.

While it’s common enough to see commercial parking lots and other large communal outdoor spaces lit with HPS, metal halide and other HID lamps, there are plenty of good reasons to make the switch to LED parking lot lights. In many instances, they provide excellent color temperature and high-quality light output, similar to or even superior to alternatives. In addition, they also offer great energy efficiency and last a very long time, making them hassle-free solutions to traditional parking lot light fixtures. Check out some of our LED area lighting below and don’t be afraid to call our team for additional information or specifications.