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HID Wallpack Fixtures

HID Wallpack FixturesWe carry metal halide wall pack fixtures and HPS wall pack fixtures, which are great options for outdoor lighting. Wall packs are durable and easy to mount for lighting doorways, walkways, and building exteriors. Wall packs are also great for security purposes or for drawing attention to a building's features at night.

These HPS and metal halide wall pack fixtures are designed to house HID (high intensity discharge) lights such as metal halide and HPS (high pressure sodium). HID light is emitted by running an electric arc through a gas-filled bulb, which provides a high-output light that provides effective lighting for large spaces. Sodium vapor and metal halide lights are commonly used for lighting outdoor areas like parking lots, arenas, and streets, as well as large spaces such as factories and warehouses.

Our Wall Pack Selection

Our HPS and metal halide wall pack fixtures come in several useful sizes and types. We carry both our HPS and metal halide fixtures in small and large sizes, and we also carry perimeter models which feature sensors that activate light when motion is detected. All of our fixtures are very durable and rated for extensive outdoor use. We even carry fixtures with wire guards for additional protection. Our fixtures feature tough glass and polycarbonate lenses, and many of them include a lamp.

HID Wallpack FixturesWe only stock high quality wall packs provided by trusted names such as Atlas Lighting and Howard Lighting.

Lighting by Experts

Atlanta Light Bulbs has cultivated a reputation as a leading industry expert on all forms of lighting. We have supplied countless businesses, contractors, and electricians with a vast inventory of lighting technologies, fixtures, and ballasts. We even carry specialty light bulbs that cannot be found anywhere else. We aim to provide all of your lighting needs in one easy to navigate resource. With Atlanta Light Bulbs, you can trust that our experts can help you find a lighting solution that has been carefully considered and designed.

Shop Now

If you'd like assistance selecting the HPS or metal halide wall pack fixtures that are right for your lighting project, contact our lighting specialists at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message, and we'll help you get the lights and parts that you need. Shop our selection and order your fixtures today.

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