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HID Canopy Fixtures

High Quality FixturesWe carry several metal halide canopy fixtures from trusted brands so you can satisfy all of your lighting requirements in one convenient place. Metal halide lamps are HID (high-intensity discharge), emitting light using an electrical arc that is sustained between tungsten electrodes. The electrical arc is housed in a gas-filled bulb, which helps to facilitate its structure. Metal halide lamps in particular use a mixture of mercury vapor and metal halides, which help to increase the efficiency of the light and improve color rendition.

Metal halide lights have two times the luminous efficiency of mercury vapor lights and are up to five times more efficient than incandescent lights. Due to this higher efficiency and light magnitude, they are ideal for lighting voluminous outdoor areas.

High Quality Fixtures

Our metal halide canopy lights are excellent for a variety of applications, such as lighting industrial and commercial spaces, and providing lighting for parking lots and other outdoor areas. We carry several types of metal halide canopy fixtures, with options for an included lamp, which is durable and vandal proof. All of the lights and fixtures you need are concentrated here in a single comprehensive resource. We strive to offer you the best light fixture prices on the web, with excellent services to match.

Lighting by Experts

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, it is our passion to share our extensive knowledge with our customers and to develop the most effective and cost-efficient lighting solutions possible. We have over 30 years of experience with countless lighting technologies and can spot the proper fit for any job.

If you need help selecting metal halide canopy fixtures and accompanying lamps for your lighting project, our experts can help you find the right product given your requirements. Our team is also well versed in energy solutions, as we regularly help businesses and lighting professionals with energy analysis, installation, utility rebate calculation, financing, and more. As such, we are reputable in the industry for our comprehensive lighting expertise.

Order Today

If you are looking for metal halide canopy fixtures that will suit your lighting needs, please browse our inventory. We're confident that you'll find what you need— but if you have any questions about our selection, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message on our chat system and we'll get everything taken care of. Shop our inventory and order your lighting products today.

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