Fluorescent T5 Strip Fixtures

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Order the T5 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures You Need

High bay lighting is extremely popular in commercial and industrial settings. In particular, T5 fluorescent tubes provide excellent light quality at a very affordable price. In order to run your T5 lighting system, you’re going to require T5 fluorescent lighting fixtures.

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we have dependable, brand-name fixtures at an affordable price point. Whether you need lights for a store, warehouse, or indoor plant growing operation, we have you covered.

Why Use Fluorescent Lights?

There are plenty of reasons to retrofit your current lighting system with T5 fluorescent lighting fixtures and linear tube lamps.

  • Fluorescent lights use significantly less energy than traditional lighting, drastically reducing your electricity bill
  • Fluorescent lights use less energy, making them the environmentally friendly solution
  • Today’s fluorescent lights have a larger spectrum output so you can enjoy pleasing light quality
  • Fluorescent fixtures are highly versatile, and they can be flush, stem, or row mounted

Enjoy Outstanding Customer Support

Not sure if these fixtures are compatible for your needs? Or, is this your first time installing T5 lights? We’re here to help. Our highly skilled lighting professionals are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have. Don’t start this project on your own. Call our exceptional customer support team to see why informed buyers consistently choose Atlanta Light Bulbs.

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Why spend more than you need to for reliable T5 fluorescent lighting fixtures? We proudly offer the best value on brand-name lighting solutions, and we have a huge selection of products to ensure that you never have to shop elsewhere.

To speak with one of our friendly and helpful lighting experts, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 today. You may also feel free to send us a message online, and we’ll respond promptly. Illuminate your life with dependable lighting products. Place your order today.