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Fluorescent Fixture model GT4-MV-LITHONIA

If you are looking to replace some of your T8 fluorescent light fixtures, or you're looking to use fluorescent lighting in an upcoming project and you need new fixtures, you've come to the right place. Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a large selection of high-quality fluorescent light fixtures that come in numerous styles. We can find you the right fluorescent light fixture that has the specifications you need, all at a reasonable price. Our fixtures are selected for quality and reliability, and we carry trusted manufacturers such as Feelux, Hubbell Lighting, Atlas Lighting, Mobern Lighting, TCP, Value Series, and other quality names.

Fluorescent lights are a remarkable technology: they use an electric current to excite mercury vapor, which produces an ultraviolet light that causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the tube to glow, producing a bright white light. Fluorescent lighting is an efficient way to light a warehouse or office and can often achieve anywhere from 50-100 lumens per watt, which is much more efficient than incandescent lighting.

A Large Selection

We carry a wide variety of T8 fluorescent light fixtures, so you can find the products that satisfy your own unique project requirements. Among our selection of styles are Feelux slim fluorescent fixtures, 2x2 and 2x4 troffers, T5 HighBay 4 and 6 lamp fixtures, T8 HighBay 4 and 6 lamp fixtures, T5, T8 or T12 strip fixtures, wet location fixtures, wraparound fixtures, and even handheld BlackLite fluorescent fixtures.

Expert Lighting Solutions

In order to best serve our customers, we maintain a large and diverse selection to serve as a single stop for all of your lighting needs. Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a huge inventory of lighting products such as fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting, halogen lamps, krypton and xenon lamps, LED lighting, TV and projector lamps, LED fixtures, ballasts, and of course, T8 fluorescent light fixtures and other types of fluorescent light fixtures. As you can probably guess from our comprehensive selection and attention to detail, we know a lot about lighting.Fluorescent 4 Lamp Fixture model HFA2E454APSMV

We've been in the business since 1981, and since that time, we've worked with countless businesses, electricians, and lighting contractors to develop effective, efficient, and low-cost lighting solutions. No lighting project is too specialized for our expertise, and our knowledgeable team can help you secure the fixtures and lights you need for your project. Among our professional services, we offer lighting energy analysis, energy efficient lighting options, utility rebate calculations, installation services, lighting removal, recycling, and much more.

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If you have any questions about our T8 fluorescent light fixtures, or any of our other light fixtures, or you'd like to talk to a specialist about developing a solution that is appropriate to your specifications, please call us at 1-888-988-2852 or send us a message on our chat and we'll be happy to help. Take a look at our inventory of light fixtures today and order yours today!

Fluorescent lighting can provide high-quality white light and great light output, especially for indoor area lighting. Most fluorescent bulbs have long lifespans and are relatively energy-efficient, keeping them cool and making them viable solutions for illuminating large indoor spaces. Whether you need troffers or high bay fixtures taking T8, T5, T12, or other bases, you will find them here, in addition to lamps specialized for use in wet locations. Remember to call our team of specialists if you need help locating the right fluorescent light fixture for your applications.