Frequently Asked Question

When will my order ship?

All in stock orders placed Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) by 4PM eastern time will ship the same day. All in stock orders placed after 4PM will ship the next business day. We will ship what we have in stock and fill any backorders as the items become available. You will be contacted via email regarding any backorder situations that may exist.

If an item is marked as "Ordered on Demand" that means that the item is ordered as needed. We expedite this Factory Direct item to your door. Typical lead times for items to ship to you range from 3-7 business days. Atlanta Light Bulbs makes every effort to give you the fastest delivery time possible. If you order an item marked "Ordered on Demand" and you choose expedited shipping we will ship the item when it becomes availalbe via the chosen shipping method.

When will my credit card be charged? 

Your credit card will be charged at the time of order. 

How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped you will be sent an email with a tracking link. Please allow up to 24 hours after receiving this link to retrieve tracking information. You may also login to the My Account area for the latest order status, tracking and re-order information.

What do I do if I ordered or received the wrong item(s)?

If you have received your item and have established an online account, you can submit a return request online as part of our new Easy Returns program. Simply sign into your account and go to the "Completed Orders" section to view all completed orders. You may then select "Return Item(s)" next to the item you wish to return. When you request has been approved, you will receive an RMA number to reference and return the item to us.

If you order has not shipped, you may send us a message from your account homepage or you are welcomed to contact our returns and exchanges department via the returns and exchanges web form so we may make changes to your order and expedite your replacements. You may also contact us via Customer Service online or call us at 1-770-491-3145.

Why is there a backorder? What does the term Backorder mean?

An item that is "Ordered on Demand"  is when an item is not in stock at our facility and will be shipped at a later date or shipped directly from the manufacturer. We try to notify all customers if any items will not be shipped within 3-7 business days. When a partial order is shipped, you will notice a disposition noted as "B" on your packing list indicating backordered items.

I made a change of address but when I view my order it still shows the old address!

Currently the way our system works you will only be able to view the order the way it was originally entered online. Changes made after the order has been submitted will be reflected on your final paper work only. If you have contacted Customer Service prior and received confirmation that the change has been made, you can rest assured that your order will be shipped to the correct location, as per your request.

I have a UPS or FedEx account number I would like to use.

UPS, FedEx or alternate shipper's 2nd or 3rd party account numbers are NOT ACCEPTED ONLINE but you may enter your account number and specify the carrier in the order notes area during checkout. If you require alternate shipping methods or need your order by a specific date , please call 1-770-491-3145 immediately after submitting your order.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

When your order is shipped, you will be sent notification via email along with the tracking information. You will be notified by email each time all or any items from your order have been shipped. There will not be any additional freight charged to backorder shipments where freight has been collected in full previously.

I did not receive all of my order.

Occasionally we may ship you only a partial order, we will only be charged once for shipping. All future shipments will not incur any additional shipping cost.

I received broken lamps or damaged shipment, what do I do?

If you receive any order that appears to be damaged, please DO NOT REFUSE THE ORDER. Many times there may only be a small number of actual damaged items. Accept the order, inventory any damaged item and contact us online by logging into your account and going to the completed orders section and request a return. You may also call us directly at 1-770-491-3145 for immediate assistance.

I need a large volume of lamps or product how can I get a discounted price?

Commercial customers requiring large volume shipments are encouraged to contact our lighting specialists via the high volume pricing form.