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After finding those hard to find lighting products your probably need to purchase some electrical supplies to finish the job! Atlanta Light Bulbs selection of electrical supplies is growing daily. Smoke and fire alarms, electrical boxes, receptacles, surge protectors and more.

Receptacles, Electrical Boxes & Conduit Fittings
The lighting products you are installing or updating need power and to be properly installed. Atlanta Light Bulbs has the receptacles you need. We offer standard, AFCI(Arc Fault), GFCI(Ground Fault), USB charger or combination outlets. Be sure to check the code in your area or the National Electrical Code (NEC) before ordering your electrical devices. It is extremely important to follow the code to ensure a proper installation and avoid damage to your electrical system. The receptacles you are using need to be installed in a UL approved box. These are offered in many variations and sizes. Be sure to buy the right box - boxes can be rated for indoor or outdoor use. 

Electrical Wire
Wiring up your lighting with the proper gauge and type wire is extremely important. Using the wrong size wire for lamp, landscape or A/C lighting installations can cause fire or damage to your system.

Dimmer Switches
Did you know that dimming your lights is a form of energy savings? Dimmer switches are a great way to control your lights with ease. In the past we simply used dimmer switches that lowered the voltage to an incandescent light bulb which in turn would lower the light output. With new lighting technologies such as LED & CFL's it is imperative to use the proper dimming switch. LED lamps, LED fixtures & compact fluorescent bulbs all use very specific dimmers. If you need help with choosing the right switch for the job - give us a call!

Wall Switches
The average wall switch has come along way! Wall switches now come in a variety of styles and offer some very cool smart options. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
It is imperative to keep your home, business or school protected with the right alarm. Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms have improved tremendously over the years with the improvements made to Lithium batteries. You can now get a tamper proof 10 year alarm which never needs a battery change! After 10 years the alarm will alert you to the end of its life. These are offered 3-in-1 Smoke & Fire + Carbon Monoxide Alarms and  2-in-1 Smoke & Fire Alarm. We also offer hard-wired alarms that have photoelectric and ionization technology built into the alarm.