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Motion Light Sensors

With light sensors, bulbs remain shining for a predetermined amount of time after detecting any movement in the surrounding area. Many motion light sensors also come with a built-in daylight sensor which can ensure that lights don’t turn on at all while the sun is shining.

Many customers choose motion sensors because they know that these particular sensors help to cut down on electric bills every month, but some don’t realize that they can also increase the lifespan of their light bulbs a considerable amount. Motion light sensors are convenient and can act as a deterrent against vandals or would-be intruders.

Choosing From Different Sensors

Whether you’re looking for outdoor sensors, bathroom light sensors, or sensors for the living room or kitchen area, and you will find many different options at a wide variety of price points. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in the lighting and home goods industries and we will be there to answer any questions you may have about the benefits and drawbacks of each product.

Buy Motion Light Sensors Today

If you want to save energy and increase the longevity of your lights, you need to find the best occupancy sensors at the best prices. Atlanta Light Bulbs has the best brand-name products at the most affordable prices like Hubbell Lighting, Lutron, and Keystone Technologies. To speak with a courteous, knowledgeable lighting expert today call 1-888-988-2852, or feel free to send us a message through our website, and we’ll respond shortly. Save on dependable, efficient motion light sensors today.