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Track Light FixturesWe stock a large selection of commercial track lighting and track lighting parts for all of your lighting needs. Ceiling track lights are a great option for stylish, modern lighting, and are useful for a wide variety of applications. Track lights make it easy to direct multiple lights to illuminate a space with easily adjustable light fixtures that can move laterally on the track. Each independent light fixture can be swiveled in any number of directions, providing a flexible and versatile lighting solution.

Track Lighting Selection

All of our commercial track lighting selection is provided by Satco, a leading manufacturer in dependable, high quality track lighting. Our Satco track lighting is available in numerous colors and styles so you can pick out a lighting solution that works and looks great. We carry track lights in white, black, and silver in various styles such as bullet, straight cylinder, step cylinder, gimbal ring, square, and round designs.

We sell several 3 light track sets and individual track light fixtures in numerous colors and styles, as well as various types of connectors, ends and canopies, and tracks so you can build your own commercial track lighting infrastructure. We also have extension wands that allow your track lights to hang from greater heights.

Expert Lighting

Atlanta Light Bulbs has been working with businesses, lighting contractors, and electricians for over 3 decades to develop customized lighting solutions that are specialized to the client. We have extensive experience working in retail and commercial office spaces, and can help you develop a proper commercial track lighting solution for the requirements of your space.

Track Light FixturesWe specialize in numerous services that are meant to achieve an effective and efficient lighting solution at low cost to our clients. We offer lighting energy analysis, energy efficient lighting and LED options, utility rebate calculations and advice, lighting installation and removal, and more. We have worked with every lighting technology in the business, so all lighting and specialized products are within our scope of expertise. We have gained a reputation as a comprehensive provider of lighting solutions. Everything you need can be found in our inventory, which eliminates the hassle of searching for the products and services you require.

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Our inventory is easy to navigate and contains all of the production selection and information you need to develop an effective commercial track lighting solution. For track light installation, our lighting specialists can help you setup and install a custom solution. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-988-2852 or drop us a message on our chat system. Shop our store and order what you need today!