Posted by Douglas Root on 17th Apr 2017

Wondering Which Halco LED Fixtures & Bulbs are Eligible for the Georgia Power Rebate Program?

Many of our local customers here in the great state of Georgia are always curious as to what LED bulbs are rebate-able with Georgia Power. 

Well, look no more! Our great friends at Halco Lighting Technologies helped us to create an easy list of the types of categories that you can earn rebates on. Call one of our experienced sales representatives today for more help with Halco Lighting and Georgia Power rebates. 

The first category is the Linear LED High Bay which is a great replacement for warehouses and distribution centers that have old fluorescents or metal halide fixtures.  The new Linear LED Highbays that carry the DLC listing can earn a Georgia Power rebate of upto $60 per fixture!

The next big category is the high lumen LED downlight. In many commercial buildings there are recessed can lights with traditional 65W incandescent bulbs in them. The new LED down lights usually use 10 to 15 watts and are available in different color temperatures. They mount in 5 or 6 inch can lights and are Energy Star certified. Rebates available are up to $4.

Another area that has become very popular to retrofit is the outdoor can lights and can lights in high ceilings. Typically in these commercial applications 70w or 100w metal halides were used. The new 6 and 8 inch can lights come with a n integral junction box built into the fixture and carry the Energy Star rating on them.  Rebates available are up to $4.

Hotels typically have alot of lamps with a very special base called a GU24 base. These CFL version of these lamps operate on 120V and have an integrated ballast. Now the LED version is out on the market and can offer significant savings on energy and can earn your hotel a possible rebate from Georgia Power. Available in 13, 18 and 23 watts the new GU24 A19 LED bulb can earn you up to $2 per lamp in rebates.

Keeping pace with the rapid changing LED market Halco introduced the next generation of ProLED A19 and A21 omnidirectional lamps. Available in 40, 60, 75 or 100w options. They are dimmable and Energy Star certified. They can earn you a possible $2 per lamp rebate from Georgia Power. 

Keep checking back with Atlanta Light Bulbs and ALB Energy Solutions for updates to the Halco lamps and fixtures that you can earn rebates on if you are a Georgia Power customer. 

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