Posted by Doug Root on 29th Jul 2020

Why You Should Consider Adding UV Bulbs to A Space

Within spaces such as homes, offices, and more, it is easy to overlook the vast amounts of bacteria that may be lingering on the surfaces within the area that may become harmful to your health and the health of others. UV bulbs can serve as a helpful solution in dealing with this problem.

While UV bulbs may commonly be viewed as a typical source of light, they also have stronger functions that can be used to your advantage. UV bulbs are also known for their antibacterial properties that can sterilize the area to prevent further spread of bacteria that lives on surfaces.

UV bulbs, also known as ultraviolet bulbs, can make an effective addition to your desired space due to their strong disinfectant properties. They not only perform as regular light fixtures but can be used to clean homes, rooms, larger buildings, and more.

There are many spaces that we encounter in our daily lives in which UV lights play a crucial role in protecting. Hospitals are a common space that use UV lights to disinfect their equipment and sterilize the air.

Food industries also tend to use UV lights to sterilize food from bacteria such as E. coli and other forms of bacteria that can damage the food or harm those who ingest it.

Aside from disinfection, UV lights can also be used to treat skin disorders and to “cure” or dry certain coating or ink materials.

Despite UV lights being used in larger areas like those in the medical field or food industry, they can also be used for your own personal safety as well as those around you. This may include your own office space, your house, indoor plant garden, and more. The bulbs that are in UV products can make for easy addition to your space that can retain various benefits.

What exactly is a UV bulb and how do they work to disinfect your desired space?

A UV bulb, also known as an UltraViolet light, contains germicidal properties that damage the bonds of bacteria, germs, viruses, and other types of pathogens that may be living on the surface of the space that you want to disinfect.

Through a process called irradiation, the wavelength of the ultraviolet light kills the DNA of the microorganisms that are allowing bacteria and other pathogens to thrive, thus sterilizing the surface.

In an office space, for example, these forms of bacteria may be commonly found on your keyboard, desk, computer screen, pens, and more. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, a UV light may be a useful addition to your office space for additional protection to prevent illness, disease, or infection.

How can UV bulbs be used to clean your space?

UV bulbs can come in various forms including lamps, wands, and other specialty bulbs. Lamps that contain UV bulbs can be placed in your desired space and can be turned on to either provide lighting or to disinfect.

UV handheld wands can hover over the areas you would like to disinfect. In office spaces, the wands can be used on surfaces like your keyboard, computer mouse, computer screen, and other areas you see fit.

Disinfecting time and distance may vary depending on which UV product you choose to use. Regardless, you can guarantee that their disinfecting properties will meet your needs.

With UV bulbs, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your area is a lot more sterilized and clean, allowing you to fully enjoy the space that you are in.

When it comes to using UV lights or bulbs, it is important to keep safety in mind. Our UV bulbs and other UV products are safe for personal use, pets, and plants. It is still important to protect yourself from too much UV exposure, especially when dealing with lamps, wands, or bulbs that use UV-C frequency.

To ensure you are in good hands, Atlanta Light Bulbs has UV bulbs that are built with safety features that will assist in preventing you from experiencing the risks that come with UV exposure. If you’re unsure of which UV bulb or product to get, you can get in touch with our team of lighting experts to offer assistance. Give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 or message us online for more information.