Posted by Doug Root on 25th Jan 2021

Why Miniature Light Bulbs are Important

Lightbulbs, in general, are pretty important for our society to function. Without them, we would be thrown back into time we don’t want to go back to. Lighting and lightbulbs serve more functions than just lighting up our rooms or businesses. They light up our roads, signs, parking lots, and more things than many would assume. Plus, there are many different types of lightbulbs to choose from, too.

So starting off, we have the traditional incandescent light bulb, LED lightbulb, halogen bulb, and fluorescent bulbs. Each of those lightbulbs can be found in common places like your home, your office, or other residential and commercial spaces. There are pros and cons to each type of lightbulb in each different setting, and some can be used interchangeably.

There are many different ways to use each type of lightbulb, but what about other lightbulbs that aren’t commonly used day-to-day? Currently, there are only two variations or classifications of light bulbs in the world of lighting. Those classifications are comprised of large lamps or bulbs and miniature lamps or bulbs.

For sake of clarity, we will be discussing the uses and importance of miniature lightbulbs and their specific uses. Commonly, you can find miniature lightbulbs almost everywhere, including lighting stores such as Atlanta Light Bulbs.

Miniature bulbs are anything that’s not classified as a large bulb. Large bulbs being the most common types of bulbs listed above. Other names for these small light bulbs include miniature indicators, mini lamps, or miniature indicator light bulb. These types of lightbulbs can be easily differentiated due to their size.

What to Expect from Miniature Lightbulbs

Since miniature lightbulbs are, well, miniature they can fit into smaller spaces. This is particularly great for applications like flashlights, car headlights, industrial automation equipment, signal tower lights, microscopes, and projectors.

Miniature bulbs are commonly known to have low voltage just due to their sheer size. This means they won’t draw out a lot of energy. This is so be expected because they don’t show a lot of light. Miniature bulbs are not particularly useful to light up rooms or other similar spaces. These types of bulbs are more useful for smaller spaces that can’t fit normal sized light bulbs, hence the products and methods they are used in.

Otherwise known as indicator lamps, miniature bulbs are also highly utilized for a very broad range of equipment types like boats, elevators, machinery, and even most aircraft.

There are a few different types of shapes of these miniature light bulbs such as the B-Shaped Bulb, G-Shaped Bulb, RP Shaped Bulb, S-Shaped, T-Shaped, and the TL Shaped miniature bulb. Each different shape of these bulbs serves a different purpose and can have different functionalities.

Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we supply all of the miniature bulbs you or your business could ever need. What’s interesting about miniature bulbs is that they can be adapted to the type of technology that is used for other common lightbulbs. So, miniature lightbulbs can come with the traditional incandescent luminous bulb or you can even find LED miniature lightbulbs to use for whichever appliance suits it best.

Why Buy From Us?

So, if you’re looking for a new place to designate all of your light bulb needs? Please consider checking us out at Atlanta Lightbulbs. We are the lightbulb experts and will have everything you need when it comes to lighting sources.

Other online stores that happen to sell lightbulbs merely just sell the lightbulbs. At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we share all the necessary information about most lightbulbs you can choose from. For example, since there are multiple different types of these mini lightbulbs, we want to give you all the most necessary information on them before purchasing. This was you can compare and contrast to see which type or size will work best for you and whatever you need those lightbulbs for.

Once you click on a specific lightbulb you are interested in, you can scroll down to the description, where you will find all the necessary information to make your choice. This information includes things like the specific technology, shape, voltage, life hours, and if it’s dimmable or not.

Descriptions like these are very important especially if you’re buying these mini bulbs. Since there’s so small, you probably need to buy them in bulk. Nothing is worse than buying a large number of bulbs and have them not work for you once they arrive.

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we have the customer’s needs in mind with all of our products. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible to all of our patrons. We know light bulbs and other light sources and we hope to do all the hard work for our customers. Check out our diverse inventory or give us a call at 1-888-988-2852.