Posted by Doug Root on 5th Aug 2020

Why Dimmable LED Bulbs Can Be a Convenient Lighting Source

If you’ve ever wanted to adjust the brightness level of your lighting, you have the chance to do so with dimmable bulbs. No matter where you decide to place your lights, they can be useful assets to your space, especially if you want some versatility in terms of your lighting range.

Lighting can play a crucial role in terms of how it makes your space look and feel. When you have control over your lighting, you can make the space a bit more comfortable and personal to you.

When it comes to dimmable lighting, the quality of your light bulbs is important to keep in mind. Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we offer an array of dimmable LED bulbs that you can choose from to find the best one for your home, office, kitchen, and other spaces.

Now that you are aware of the option available to control the lighting throughout your space, you may be curious as to how they even work. When it comes to dimmable lighting, it is important to make sure that you have the proper dimmer switch that is compatible with the light bulb you decide to use. In this case, you’ll need an LED Dimmer that works with LED light bulbs.

On our website, we sell the Lutron AYCL-153P-LA Dimmer, a dimmer switch that can run up to 150W of LED lights or 600W of incandescents/halogens. If you look closely at their product description, you’ll find that this particular dimmer switch works with dimmable CFLs and LEDs.

If you prefer a more modern look to your dimmer switch, perhaps you can take a look at the Lutron MACL-153M-WH dimmer that we also sell on our website. For this switch, dimmable LED bulbs are also compatible for its use.

Making sure you have the proper dimmer switch for your lighting is important so that you can prevent any issues such as flickering when you have your lighting fully set up. Once you determine the proper dimmer switch needed to work with your light bulbs, you can start exploring what kinds of bulbs you want to use.

Some things to consider when on the hunt for a dimmable LED bulb is to have a solid idea of where you want to place your dimmable lighting. Depending on where it is placed, you may have to adjust your light bulb choice accordingly. Regardless of what you choose, you also want to make sure that your LED light bulb is dimmable as we sell bulbs that aren’t.

On our website, we have a few different options for dimmable LED bulbs. We have the Philips 8.5MR16/LED/827/F25/DIM 12V LED bulb that is of durable quality making the switch to LED light bulbs easy if you haven’t done so already. If you are on the search for a bulb that is a bit cheaper, but still is dimmable, you can take a look at our Halco Lighting LED bulb.

When you finally make the decision on a dimmable led bulb and dimmer switch, it is time to determine your lighting placement. One thing about dimmable lighting is that it can be incredibly useful in areas where your lighting is commonly used. With that said, try saving your dimmable lighting for areas that you know where your lighting will be crucial and used often.

For many, this may differ, but some examples include in your office, your kitchen, your bathroom, bedroom, or family room. Let’s say you are working in your office late at night, but don’t want to disturb others in your house with too much lighting. Dimmable lighting will come in handy, especially if you want to set a mood or conserve light.

Sometimes dimmable lighting can be used to highlight or bring attention to certain parts of your home. For example, if you have a piece of furniture or art in your home that you want to ensure stands out, you can use dimmable lighting to align with the mood you are aiming for. The opportunities and uses for dimmable lighting are endless. They give you the freedom to illuminate parts of your home that you may not necessarily find with other light bulbs or sources.

There’s no doubt that dimmable LED bulbs can be a convenience to your home or space you decide to use it for. We understand the importance of selling high-quality bulbs that will meet your needs but will also fit your budget. The lighting experts here at Atlanta Light Bulbs are available to help you choose the right lighting for you, whether you are interested in dimmable lighting or something else.

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