Posted by Doug Root on 15th Jan 2019

Why Are LEDs Less Likely to Cause a Fire?

LEDs have transformed the lighting industry. Efficient, long-lasting, and virtually maintenance-free, transitioning over to LED lighting at home or at work just makes sense these days. An often overlooked benefit of LEDs is that they’re far and away the safest light bulbs available. By switching to LEDs, you can drastically reduce the chance of causing a fire.

Low Temperature Lighting

It’s no secret that incandescent and halogen light bulbs get extremely hot. If they’re defective or installed incorrectly, there’s a risk of them overheating and causing a fire. Additionally, if they touch a surface such as a lampshade or curtain for long enough, they can easily cause enough heat to set the material ablaze.

LEDs, on the other hand, produce light at much cooler temperatures. LEDs don’t affect ambient temperature, as opposed to other types of lighting that can get so hot that they’re used to heat reptile tanks or grow plants, for example. LEDs are the safest light bulbs, as they produce ample lighting while remaining cool to the touch.

Heat Sink Technology

LEDs do produce some heat, but the important difference is that they hold the heat internally, rather than releasing it outward. LEDs also have a component called a heat sink that’s located at the base of the lamp. The heat sink draws the majority of the heat away from the electronics, preventing overheating.

Lower Power Consumption

LEDs use roughly one-tenth of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs to produce the same lumens. Beyond just reducing your monthly energy bill and your environmental impact, using less electricity means less of a fire risk. LEDs are the safest light bulbs because it’s much more difficult for them to overheat due to the low amount of electricity flowing through them.

Safer Placement

A common cause of bulb-related fires is that people place bulbs near flammable objects. If the bulb gets hot enough, it ignites the object. LEDs are very compact, so they’re ideal for putting in places where heat-producing lamps could pose a threat.

For example, LED strips can be placed behind a television set or under a shelf. Because they don’t produce ambient heat, you can also place them in temperature-sensitive locations such as a wine cellar. They’re also great for homes with children, as parents don’t have to worry about curious kids touching a hot lamp.

Shop the Safest Light Bulbs

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