Posted by Doug Root on 9th Apr 2021

Why a Dimmer Switch for LED Lights is a Great Home Addition

When you think of a dimmer switch, you will probably think of either your dining room or living room that allows you to dim the lights. Why do we even dim the lights? Sometimes, often we dim the lights to create a certain mood or ambiance if you will. Having the ability to control the brightness of the light in your home may seem appealing to some people.

For example, if you have a light dimmer in your living room, you can dim the lights to watch some TV or a movie. If you prefer keeping your house lit up at night, dimming the lights in your living room makes it so the house is well-lit but not too bright. Also, having dimmer switches in your dining room acts as a nice mood setter for certain occasions like birthday parties or holiday dinners.

Dimmer switches have become increasingly popular for creating a mood or ambiance in any room of your choosing. We dim the lights to create a softer, more comfortable vibe around our home. Plus, it can also save some electricity, which can cut down on the electric bill. Having full control over the brightness of lights in your home is great. The more control you feel about the things in your home, the more comfortable you feel.

Dimmer switches are the perfect choice for rooms like your living room or TV room. To mimic the effect of movie theater lighting, you can use the dimmer switch on your family movie nights. It’s common to prefer your house lit up, especially at night. Having dimmer switches allows you to have however many rooms slightly lit, without it being too bright.

How Does it Actually Work?

First of all, It’s always important to understand how things in your house actually work. It’s best to know how these dimmer switches for LED lights work in case you run into any wiring or electrical issues at home. Regardless of any potential issues, it's just good to know how things in your housework, in general. These switches work by reducing the power delivered to the lightbulb. It starts by trimming a part of a waveform either on the front or back end of the wave. Seems very technical, but it’s pretty simple.

With the recent surge in popularity of LED Bulbs, manufacturers have designed LED light bulbs to work with the majority of common household types of dimmers. There are a few different kinds of dimmer switches that are typically available to use in the home.

Trailing edge dimmers are specifically designed to fade the voltage of the lightbulb to zero, rather than switching it off completely like traditional light switches. By this method, it applies resistance to create a ramp. Since the resistance generates heat, this way increases the amount of heat. LED light bulbs are most commonly used with this type of dimmer.

On the other hand, there are leading-edge dimmers that can be typically used with incandescent light bulbs or other bulbs like halogen. These dimming control switches shorten the cycle at the front edge of the input wave.

Having the ability to dim the lights in your home allows you to create a certain inviting, warm, and cozy environment that is easily achieved through dimmer switches. No matter if you’re snuggling up to watch your favorite movie, want to save energy and not use up all the power of your lightbulbs, or you just like to set the mood while lounging and relaxing in your home, installing dimmer switches for LED lights and compatible LED bulbs is the best way to go.

Stop relying on traditional light bulbs like incandescent bulbs to get the job done. If you’re unhappy with the way your home is lit due to things like that, there is an easy way to fix it and feel comfortable and cozy in your home.

Simple fixes like these can be an easy way to change up the look of your home without having to do some crazy remodeling. By trying something slightly different, you can find a new and even fun way to spruce up your home using lights!

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