Posted by Doug Root on 28th Dec 2020

Where to Find Wholesale Light Bulbs

As everyone knows, light bulbs are pretty much essential for everyday life. Whether that be in the home, at local stores and businesses, or even your office building, we need lighting and light bulbs to see out our daily functions of life. Thank you Thomas Edison.

There has been a lot of changes since the first incandescent lightbulb was introduced to the world so many years ago. It’s almost hard to imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have a general source of lighting. Thinking about it, we probably wouldn’t have progressed forward in society as much as we have.

Now, we have an infinite amount of different types of lighting and lighting fixtures that are used for a million different reasons. You could be surprised at the number of things that we need lighting fixtures and lightbulbs for. It’s not always surrounding lighting up rooms and big spaces. We need light bulbs to serve many other purposes. Due to this consistent need for light bulbs, it’s important to know that there is a difference between each kind of light source and light bulb.

There are a few different types of light bulbs that are important to know the distinction between. They all serve mainly the same purpose but the way they’re made, how long they last, what type of light they emit, and how good they are for the home vs. the workspace need to be understood. Here, each type of light bulb will be compared and contrasted, and you’ll know where to find the best selection of wholesale light bulbs.

Different Types of Lightbulbs

So, most commonly there are four different types of light bulbs to choose from. Each of these bulbs can either be used commercially or personally. Some light bulbs serve more functionality than others, but it’s important information to think about when shopping for light fixtures or considering making the switch from one to the other.

1.Incandescent bulbs

These types of lightbulbs are the most commonly used and could most likely be found in every home in the U.S. These bulbs are usually the most affordable on the market. The best feature of these light bulbs other than the price is that they emit a warm light and are commonly used as light dimmers, which are a popular feature in many homes.

2.LED light bulbs

LED lights, which stand for light-emitting diodes, are the most energy-efficient bulb out of the bunch, which is a reason why many people have recently been gravitating towards them. The ultimate goal of “going green” has pressured homeowners and business owners alike to make the switch from incandescent to strictly LED light bulbs because of their energy efficiency. LED bulbs do not give off any sort of heat, give off a brighter light, and contain no mercury, which is also better for the environment. Some light fixtures that include LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours longer than a standard incandescent bulb.

3.Halogen light bulbs

Halogen lights bulbs are like a mixture of an LED and an incandescent light bulb because of their ability to emit a bright light, while also being dimmable. The downside of halogen bulbs is how short of a period that they last. Another negative aspect of these bulbs is that they get extremely hot, very quickly, so it’s important to use them with caution when handling them or changing out the bulbs.

4.Compact fluorescent bulbs

This type of bulb is similar to an LED per its energy efficiency. A cool feature of a fluorescent bulb is its ability to come in a multitude of colors. These are more commonly used to light up big spaces such as warehouses and big rooms in your home. They are perfect in between an incandescent and an LED light bulb because they are energy efficient enough but they are less expensive than an LED bulb. The only downside is they contain mercury, so also handle them with caution.

All in all, each of these types of light bulbs serves its purpose and can be used virtually anywhere. Depending on where you’re buying these specific bulbs for, should tell you about what type of bulb to buy. Each of these light solutions will do the job, but it’s also important to compare in case you want something that will fit your needs more.

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