Posted by Doug Root on 10th Jan 2019

What are the Best LED BR30 bulbs for installing in a 5 to 6 Inch recessed down light fixture?

Conference Room

Atlanta Light Bulbs has been supplying high-quality LEDs like the BR30 bulb, light bulbs, light fixtures, and ballasts to commercial buyers for over 30 years. We have also learned a lot about what bulbs go best with recessed indoor can lights. Recessed can lights are now found in our homes, offices, and conference rooms. They are usually on dimmers and are a great way to cast light down from our ceilings and onto our working surfaces.

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In the past, we would use incandescent 65W BR30 lamps or 75W Halogen PAR30 long neck lamps in 5 - 6 inch recessed can lights. Today, however, there are better solutions. With the onslaught of LED light bulbs and the dramatic price drops in the technology, you can now go LED with our BR30 bulbs!

We suggest using the  PHILIPS BR30 lamp with warm dim technology so the light gets warm as you dim it down. The economical BR30 LED daylight bulb is rated at over 25,000 hours and has a lumen output equivalent to a 65W incandescent or a 75W halogen lamp. Philips BR30 Lamps are dimmable and have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty!

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Philips Bulb

When you’re ready to switch to LED BR30 lamps, look no further than Atlanta Light Bulbs. Our highly knowledgeable experts are here to help you select the right LED bulbs for your needs. Shop our full range of superior quality BR30 LED Bulbs today. We offer BR30 LED bulbs in a variety of color temperatures from warm white (2700k) to daylight (5000K).