Posted by Doug Root on 3rd Feb 2020

Valentine-Themed Romantic Lighting

a shiny red LOVE light

Nothing sets the mood like romantic lighting. There are many occasions when you may need to create an atmosphere, be it in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Put together a stunning Valentine light scheme to celebrate the most romantic day of the year and show your sweetheart that romance is very much alive. You can use your lighting plan on date nights and other special occasions, as well. Atlanta Light Bulbs has a few tips to make sure you're both in the mood for love.

Choose a Romantic Color Temperature

Sunrise and sunset are often credited for the most romantic lighting nature can provide. You don't have to rise before dawn or stage your date before sundown to woo your lover, however. With the right lighting effects, you can easily recreate the golden hour and all of its magical colors in your own home.

Colored lighting is the ticket. Look for light bulbs that allow you to play with the color temperature. Many smart LED bulbs allow you to easily adjust the hues via your phone or tablet. Alternately, you can also install a few pink and red bulbs for the occasion. Stick to softer shades of pink and red to avoid creating an atmosphere that's too harsh or festive.

Create a Magical World of Fairy Lights

strands of string lights and a view of the moon

String lights aren't only for Christmas or party lighting. They’re also a great option as Valentine lights. It's also easy to coordinate the color with the holiday. Don't get us wrong. White string lights are lovely. However, why settle for just white when you can throw in pink, purple, or red lights, too? Drape them in the dining room to softly highlight a romantic meal, or turn your boudoir into a fantasy suite. For an extra touch, consider LED string lights that you can program to follow a particular lighting pattern. You'll score extra points from your lover if you arrange any of the lights in the shape of a heart.

Dim the Lights

Dim lighting is terrible for office settings, but it’s perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere.  Dimmer switches allow you to enjoy romantic lighting all year long for occasions like your anniversary or Valentine's Day. With a simple turn of the switch, you can cast the room in dreamy lighting that will bring you and your loved one closer together.

Traditional dimmer switches are simple to install. In many cases, you can switch an existing lighting fixture to a dimmer. Smart bulbs also come with options that allow you to dim the lights quickly and easily with an app. You can dim the lights and get into the mood without moving from your cozy spot on the couch or the bed.

Select an Interesting Bulb

close-up photo of a filament bulb

Creating a Valentine’s light display can be as simple as changing the style of your light bulbs. There's something about antique filament bulbs and their modern LED equivalents that change the very atmosphere of a room. The amber glow of  antique-inspired bulbs will help you create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Draw the curtains, drop the blinds, and put on some mood music to enhance the vibe. 

Light the Candles

an image of three lit tea candles

Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? Candles are too dim to light a room on their own, but they are an easy way to add to the romantic lighting and atmosphere you already created with dimmer switches or colored bulbs. Light a few tealights as accents, along with long tapered candles and short, squat votive candles that give off plenty of glimmering light. A candelabra is a must-have for the dinner table, but candles in the bedroom will create an  amorous atmosphere, as well.

Keep It Soft

Soft lighting is best in romantic settings. Bright lights won't make anyone feel like cuddling up and getting close. Avoid bulbs that give off too much blue light. Bright white bulbs and fluorescent lights are a no-no, as well. You want dreamy Valentine lighting that will make your space feel warm and intimate. Stick to softer shades on the color spectrum so you don’t ruin the mood.

Explore a variety of romantic lighting options for Valentine's Day or any day when you want to show your partner a little bit of love. Allow Atlanta Light Bulbs the pleasure of helping you to strike the right note.