Posted by Doug Root on 27th Jul 2021

The Ultimate Guide to LED Lighting and LED Light Fixtures

When it comes to lighting up a room, we at Atlanta Light Bulbs, know that it can be difficult to pick out the perfect lighting options. There’s much more that goes into the decision than whether or not it manages to brighten up the room. The amount of light matters. Is the bulb or fixture emitting too much light or is it too dull? The durability and lifetime of the bulb matter. The overall efficiency of the light matters.

Without taking all of these things into consideration, you will likely be settling for a light that doesn’t properly illuminate the room. Not to mention without a proper energy efficiency rating and a long-lasting product life, you’ll likely be paying more than you’d like and be replacing the lights much sooner than you’d like. For all of these reasons and more, LED lights are superior to other traditional options.

Benefits of LED lighting

1. Energy Efficient

There are plenty of lighting options available on our site, however, when it comes to energy-efficient LED lights are some of the best. They generally use about half as much electricity as traditional fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lights. Simply put, that saves you money in the long run. The less energy you use the less you’ll be spending on your electricity bill.

Depending on the area or room that you’re looking to add lighting too you’ll probably need a specific type of fixture. Most LED light fixtures are able to be mounted to a flat surface. This allows the light to emit in one specific direction. This is great to create a certain ambiance, but it also ensures that you aren’t wasting light and energy.

2. Longer Product Life

The extended life of an LED light compared to other forms of lighting is a major advantage. No one wants to constantly be running out to the store to buy new bulbs. It’s important to have something reliable that won’t die on you when you need it most. LED lights actually never burn out like other forms of lighting. They will dim over time and can last upwards of 25,000 hours. To put that into perspective, incandescent bulbs usually last about 1,000 hours on average.

Having a longer product life means less work for you overall. No running back to the store for more bulbs when your cheap product fails. A quality LED light will also save you money in the long run. With traditional incandescent bulbs, it is common to buy multiple at a time, just to have around once the old one goes out. That’s not something you will have to worry about for a long time with an LED bulb or LED light fixture.

Types of LED Bulbs

Before we can get into LED light fixtures, let’s get into the actual bulbs. Anyone unfamiliar with LED lights may be blown away, by the amount of different LED lighting bulbs that exist. Each one has its purpose, however, and some are better than others for certain areas. Your decision will depend on where you’re installing the bulb, where you are looking to install it, and the area that you’re looking to brighten up.

T8 Direct Wire

Some of our most popular LED bulbs by far are the T8 LED bulbs. There is a wide range of T8 options right here on our website that can suit any retrofitting job you may have. Our T8 direct wire ballast bypass LEDs are great for replacing any fluorescent lighting that you have. This upgrade can save you up to 30% on energy usage. If you’re interested in being more eco-friendly these are also an excellent option since and an LED bulb doesn’t contain the mercury that a fluorescent light bulb does.

Retrofitting has never been easier with these T8 LEDs. If you’re not looking for an entirely new light fixture you can replace your old bulb with an LED bulb with ease. If you are installing Type B LEDs then you may need to disconnect the ballast and rewire. If this is the case be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual, use non-shunted sockets, and be careful. In the end, its still a fairly simple process and will lead to more efficient LED lighting options.

A Shape

A Shape bulbs are fairly common LED bulbs as well. We carry everything from everyday bulbs to SlimStyle bulbs. If you need something omnidirectional or a bulb thats’ dimmable we have that for you right here on our site. There are many different kinds of A shape LED bulbs, but regardless what type you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find them on our site.

TCP, Halco, and Philips are just three of the many trusted manufacturers with A shape LED bulbs that we offer. If you have a brand that you’re familiar with and trust then you can browse their lighting options from our site. If you’re unaware you just need to think about the energy consumption, the emitted brightness, and the color tones that you’re interested in.

Types of LED Fixtures

When it comes to LED light fixtures there are various different options to choose from. Usually, each specific fixture is specially designed to illuminate a certain area in a certain way. Some produce a wider range of light, but might not necessarily be as bright as others. Before buying an LED fixture you should know exactly where you’re placing it and what you are using it for.

Ceiling Fixtures

If you are looking for a light fixture for your ceiling, we have plenty of high-quality SATCO options available. You’ll need to figure out the size of light you’ll need to brighten the room that’s getting this addition. If you’re looking for something small, we have circular LED fixtures that are a little over seven inches long and will only cost you around $15-$19 dollars. These LED lights can last over 2,000 days without failing. We also have slightly bigger circular LED fixtures that are dimmable and about 2 feet in length.

The truth is that not all rooms are small and sometimes you’ll need a bigger light fixture. That’s no problem though. At Atlanta Light Bulbs we have larger ceiling light fixtures available for sale as well. We have longer ceiling fixtures that are up to 50 inches in length. If you are looking for something to install on your ceiling that can illuminate a large area, this is definitely the right choice for you.

Outdoor Fixtures

If you’re looking to brighten up your lawn, patio, porch, or any outdoor, there’s a wide variety of outdoor lighting options available. All of these products are specifically meant to withstand the outdoors. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand tough weather conditions.

LED Wall Packs

One option is adding an LED wall pack. This can be added directly to the side of your house or to any wall. They are the perfect security option as well. For many businesses, security lighting is absolutely essential. These LED lights are perfect for that purpose and work much better than older metal halide lights.

When you see new construction being built they are likely using LED wall packs because these are simply the new norm. The older wall packs may have leaky seals and because of this heat can build up and actually kill LEDs. With a new LED wall pack, your lighting can last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

LED Flood Lights

Another outdoor LED fixture that is fairly common is the LED flood light. These are seen all the time, whether they’re brightening up a sporting event or shining some light for a job site. Just like wall packs, these lights can be used for security purposes as well.

If you are interested in a flood light fixture there are many things to consider when making your purchase. Our flood lights vary greatly when it comes to beam spread, lumen output, and color temperature. You’ll make your choice based on how large of an area you wish to cover, the amount of light that you’re looking for your flood light to emit, and the color that you want it to be.

The size of the area you are looking to cover is the beam spread. Some flood lights can cover an entire wall with light while others are built to light up a single narrow area. The Lumen Output is the actual measurement when it comes to the light output that an LED light future produces. So once again, it’s a matter of preference, but each flood light is different. Lastly, the color temperature ranges from a warm white at about 3000k and a crisper white at about 5000k.

These metrics apply to many of the lights on our site, not just flood lights. If you’re looking for any LED lighting fixture, these are aspects that you certainly should be considering. One of the greatest things about shopping here at Atlanta Light Bulbs is that our team of experts is always ready to help. We have a very knowledgeable team, that will be able to help you find the exact flood light for you based on your needs!

Outdoor Surface Fixture

Our outdoor surface LED fixtures are unique and made for a pretty specific purpose. If you have any outdoor canopies, awnings, or hallways that are looking a bit dull and need to be brightened up then you’d want to get yourself one of these outdoor surface fixtures.

Here at we have LED ceiling canopy fixtures that can last up to 50,000 hours. These lights are extremely energy-efficient and can offer your business or home endless security and safety through the night. These fixtures offer a full flood beam angle so they can provide an excellent amount of light.

Smart Lighting Fixtures

Technology is always advancing rapidly, and the innovative and productive strives in the lighting industry are no different. Our smart LED lighting fixtures are the perfect example of that. When it comes to LED lights, we offer some of the smartest technologies that you can find.

Unlike floodlights, wall packs, and surface fixtures, the term smart light is a bit vaguer. A smart light isn’t just one specific type of lighting fixture. It just refers to the fact that these lights are advanced and can using connect to some sort of app, Bluetooth, wifi, etc. These are the coolest and most efficient lights and they’re keeping up with the constant innovation of the technological era.

LED smart light fixtures can be installed both inside and outside. They can usually be controlled remotely with your phone, an app or other means. This eliminates any need you would have for traditional light switches. The convenience is unparalleled with a smart light fixture. There are Maximus and Kuna smart LED security light fixtures that are wifi-enabled and come with an app for your phone and a 1080p camera. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want to be a part of the future of lighting you should invest in an LED smart fixture. The customizability is amazing when it comes to these smart lighting fixtures. They allow manufacturers to add speakers, cameras, and more. We’re always keeping up with the latest trends and styles when it comes to lighting. This way we can always offer the best and most innovative products to our customers.

Browse Through Hundreds of LED Light Fixtures and Bulbs Right Now

Here at, we pride ourselves on staying innovative and providing some of the most technologically advanced lighting solutions that you can find. LED is truly an energy-efficient response to many older more costly lighting methods. If you’re looking to add some LED light fixtures to your home or business, check out our site and see the many great LEDs we didn’t even get to mention in this article. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect solution for you.