Posted by Doug Root on 17th Nov 2020

The Reputed Strengths of Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

It’s only a matter of time before you come across full spectrum light bulbs in your search for information on the different types of light bulbs. Like LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, full-spectrum bulbs have been said to offer a unique number of benefits to those who replace their standard incandescents or CFLs with them.

In this article, we’re going to probe some of these claims and offer some insight into them, but keep in mind that full-spectrum bulbs are not designed or intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease or condition. We here at Atlanta Light Bulbs are simply going to offer some information on some of the things full-spectrum bulbs are popularly thought to address. But first -

What Are They?

It would help to know what full-spectrum bulbs are in the first place! Well, to answer that, let’s first offer an alternative name for full-spectrum bulbs, which is daylight bulbs. This might help answer the question.

Full-spectrum bulbs are sometimes called daylight bulbs because they are said to emit the full spectrum of visible light, which is the same emission spectrum as the sun (the visible light only).

Using the color rendering index (CRI) you can start to evaluate a full spectrum bulb at about 90, although 100 CRI would be a perfect, full-spectrum bulb. A CRI of 100 would be the same as the sun’s natural light.

So, now that we have a condensed version of what these types of bulbs are, here are some of the reputed benefits of their use.

1.Full-spectrum light bulbs have been said to help those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

There are many people around the country who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, also known as seasonal depression. This is thought to be attributable to the lack of natural light that is available in the winter months.

Some producers of full-spectrum bulbs claim that those who suffer from SAD should replace their current lights with full-spectrum lights as this may trick the body into believing it has received more daylight throughout the course of waking hours.

2.Some growers use full-spectrum light bulbs for caring for plants in the winter

Anyone who has ever grown plants in pots around the home knows that they will either struggle or die throughout the winter months, sometimes even when they are brought inside as a safeguard against the cold.

Largely, plants suffer in the winter from a lack of sunlight and not just from the cold. Some growers use full-spectrum lights to help keep their indoor herbs and plants happy, even through the dark months of the year.

3.They have been claimed to improve mood and feelings of awakeness

Because full spectrum bulbs mimic sunlight and sunlight is tied to improved mental focus and uplifted mood, some claim that exposure to full-spectrum lights is useful for improving the spirit. This is subjective; try it out for yourself to see if you feel better throughout the day while in the presence of full-spectrum lights!

4.They may help you synthesize vitamin D

It has also been claimed that exposure to full-spectrum natural light helps the body produce vitamin D, even with insufficient exposure to sunlight. This makes full-spectrum bulbs of greater interest to those who do not get enough exposure to sunlight during the course of a regular day.

5.They definitely provide a good color temperature

Finally, and there’s little debate about this, full-spectrum bulbs simply provide a better color temperature, As they are comparable to natural sunlight, objects under their influence will appear much as they do in the daytime.

Does It Matter?

On top of these reputed benefits, it is important to note that full-spectrum bulbs can also be used anywhere else equivalent incandescent bulbs (or other household bulbs) can be used. They really are just regular bulbs with a higher color rendering index intended to give off the look of natural light.

Whether or not they actually provide these benefits above is another story. In some cases, you might need to simply try it for yourself to get the qualitative experience. Alternatively, you could reach out to us for more information.

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