Posted by Doug Root on 26th Jun 2018

The Maximus Camera Floodlight Ushers in Next Wave of Smart Lighting Technology

Smart Lighting Technology

When it comes to home security, you can never be too careful. That’s why we’re so pleased to present to you the Maximus camera floodlight. Boasting some truly amazing features, Maximus smart lighting technology is truly a revolutionary step in the world of home security. Read on to learn about this cutting-edge product.

Smart Technology

The  Maximus camera floodlight is equipped with smart technology that allows you to integrate it with your smartphone. In addition to monitoring your home through your smartphone using the livestream feature, you can download and play back video, set custom light schedules, and receive instant alerts.

The Camera

The big feature on the Maximus camera floodlight is its HD full-color 1080p camera that allows you to record or monitor your home in real-time. The camera has a 155° diagonal field of view and an adjustable left-right, up-down viewing angle, ensuring that you can see exactly what’s going on.

The Light

outdoor lighting

Maximus smart lighting technology is incredibly effective for security use, but it also makes an attractive, highly usable outdoor lighting option in its own right. It’s motion-activated, dimmable, and you can set it to turn on and off at specific times, or set it to traditional dusk-to-dawn use. You can also use the smartphone app to control the light from inside your home or from afar.

Instant Alerts

If your Maximus camera floodlight detects motion, you receive an instant alert on your smartphone. When you receive an alert, you can choose to sound a 100 db siren alarm, call 911, play a pre-recorded message, or communicate directly with the two-way talk feature. As you can imagine,  Maximus smart lighting technology is perfect for screening people who knock on your door.

Order the Maximus Camera Floodlight Today

The right home  security lighting can be a powerful deterrent. This one also comes loaded with features that make it an all-around useful and attractive addition to your home’s decor –– available in black and white. If this top-of-the-line security floodlight is interesting to you, we encourage you to order it online through Atlanta Light Bulbs for the best price.

If you have any questions about this product, our in-house lighting specialists are available to assist you. We’ve been in business since 1981, and we make it a point to stay current with the latest technology in the lighting industry. If you have any questions about the Maximus camera floodlight at any point, we’ll be standing by with answers.

For assistance with your order, please give us a call at  1-888-988-2852, email us at [email protected], or simply fill out our contact form. Secure your home with Maximus smart lighting technology, and enjoy true peace of mind.