Posted by Doug Root on 16th Feb 2021

The Functionalities of Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Nowadays, the market for light bulbs and lighting allows for different types of lighting sources to be readily available for personal or residential use. Of course, there are the traditional light bulbs such as incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LEDs. Each of these lightbulbs serves its purpose and can occasionally be used interchangeably.

Sometimes, either in stores or online, you’ll run into some interesting types of light bulbs you may have never seen before. While browsing the aisle or internet, you may find some cool vintage-looking light bulbs to spruce up your living space or find some light bulbs that may have more functionality than just illuminating a space.

Some types of light bulbs actually can be used therapeutically. Who would ever think that a light bulb meant to light up your living area could potentially help you through therapy? This type of lighting is called full-spectrum lighting.

What is Full Spectrum Lighting?

First off, let’s start with what these types of light bulbs are and how they work. These light bulbs are specifically designed to emulate electromagnetic spectrums of light in their fullest forms. In terms of how the human eye perceives light, these light bulbs are recognized as midday sunlight. There are also a lot of different varieties of these specific lamps and bulbs. You can easily find them in different wattages, sizes, finishes, and voltages.

The actual function of these bulbs has to do with the type of lamp it is used in. Currently, there is no set definition of what full spectrum lightning is, but can usually be compared to other sources of light such as incandescent and fluorescent.

Unlike regular incandescent or fluorescent lights, full-spectrum lighting offers all colors of the electromagnetic wavelength, everything from infrared to ultraviolet, and visible and nonvisible light.

The way these bulbs are made is by using a neodymium glass enclosure that works to filter out dominant warm or yellowish hues that are typically found in incandescent lighting. When illuminated, full-spectrum lighting may appear to have lavender or blue hues.

Due to their comparison to natural light, they give off a brighter, whiter hue that can be compared to natural light from the human eye. The functional properties of this type of light bulb include using them to help grow plants, uses for aquarium lamps, and light therapy.

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs and Light Therapy

Sometimes, it’s easy to hate the winter months. The days are cold, the weather is gray, and the days seem to get shorter and shorter. Especially when you’re stuck inside, it can be hard to stay motivated and get the proper amount of sunlight. Sometimes, a good amount of sunlight can help boost your mood and overall outlook on your day.

During the winter, it can be difficult to get the proper sunlight. No one wants to go on a walk on a sunny day when the temperatures are still freezing. This is where light therapy can be beneficial.

Some people may experience seasonal affective disorder, which means you experience depression more in the winter when it’s cold and there’s less natural light available. Full-spectrum light has been proven to boost your mood significantly. There have been multiple studies showing that full-spectrum lighting can have positive psychological effects on people, as well.

Some people feel better mentally when they are around lots of sunlight. So, if you don’t have access to that much sunlight, full-spectrum lighting can mimic natural light. You can purchase full-spectrum lightboxes that can help you with many types of disorders and conditions.

By soaking in some full-spectrum lighting for a few minutes each day, it can drastically improve your mood, increase your energy, and allow for better concentration, which could be especially helpful if you are working or studying from home.

Some other benefits of using full-spectrum light bulbs include helping with sleep disorders, jet lag, and even some skin conditions like psoriasis. The actual wellness and health benefits of using full-spectrum lighting or light boxes are astounding. Who knew that a few minutes of exposure to a special light bulb could improve many aspects of your mental health.

It’s important, especially nowadays, to take special care of yourself and your mental state. Technology like full spectrum light bulbs is paving the way for more comprehensive and less invasive types of treatments for certain things mentioned above.

Where to Find Full Spectrum Lighting

If you are interested in seeing for yourself what full-spectrum lighting can do for you, you’re going to need a place to purchase them. At Atlanta Light Bulbs, you can easily find these types of light bulbs on our online store.

Choose from different brands and types of these bulbs to see what would best work for you. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.