Posted by Doug Root on 13th Jan 2021

The Fun of Decorative Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are a unique necessity in modern-day society. They serve many purposes and functions and can even be deemed essential. Light bulbs are essential to illuminate our homes, our businesses, our grocery stores, our shopping malls, and even our roads. There are many different types of light bulbs, too. The most commonly known and used light bulbs range from traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent, and LED light bulbs.

Each light bulb can serve different purposes and be used in different applications. Some are more expensive than others and some are more energy efficient. Furthermore, it’s safe to say how much lighting and lightbulbs positively affect our everyday lives.

More commonly, light bulbs are seen and used mainly in conventional functions in and around the home and for businesses. But, light bulbs can and are used in other more fun and decorative ways, too. Decorative light bulbs are a very fun and easy way to add color and brightness to your home or outdoor areas!

Functions of Decorative Lighting

There are many different functions can come with decorative lighting in your home. Many different styles and types of decorative bulbs can spruce up any part of your home! If you feel you have a knack for interior decorating or just want to spruce up the look of your home, decorative lights can help with that.

There are a lot of different types of decorative lights to choose from. Get creative! The possibilities of decorating your home with funky, uniquely shaped lights are never-ending. Let’s say you just purchased a brand new light fixture, but the look of a traditional lightbulb just isn’t cutting it. The most creative thing you can do is pop in a cool lightbulb and your home will be transformed!

Depending on the vibe you want to bring to your home, you can achieve that with the help of decorative lighting. For that trendy vintage look, replace your traditional incandescent bulbs with some smaller, more uniquely shaped bulbs.

If you are looking to vamp up your outdoor patio space or backyard, using decorative string lights are the perfect way to add ambiance and style to your usually bland backyard or deck area. String lights are the newest way to add some oomph without spending too much time and money on over-accessorizing your back yard.

Not only will fun string lights add overall style to your backyard, but they also will add functionality by lighting up your outdoor space! These lights are perfect for summer backyard barbeques or late-night outdoor parties. String lights add a surprising amount of illumination, eliminating the need to take your outdoor party inside once it gets dark.

Decorative light bulbs can also come in a multitude of fun colors. This can be especially fun for birthdays, holidays, or if you like to experiment with different lighting in rooms of your home.

For Christmas, you can use green and red bulbs outside of your home to show some holiday spirit, or for Halloween, try pairing together orange and black lightbulbs for that extra spooky look to your house. You’d be surprised at the kinds of colors that are available in these light bulbs.

Colored light bulbs can even give off a different mood or vibe than other typical household bulbs. It can be interesting and fun to experiment to see what can work for you.

How Colored Decorative Light Bulbs Work

You might be curious as to how certain lightbulbs can achieve different and fun colors that are unlike the yellowish hue that is given off by normal light bulbs. These colored light bulbs act the same way as traditional incandescent bulbs do. This means that electricity is passed through a filament of wire, which is then heated up and then reacts to the gas mixture that is present inside the light bulb.

The only difference between a colored bulb and an incandescent bulb is that colored bulbs have an added colored coating on the inside of the glass bulb. So when the colored bulb is illuminated, the light goes through that colored film, giving off colored luminescence. These types of bulbs are more commonly seen in certain stores or restaurants, but they can also be utilized in the home.

Where to Find Decorative Light Bulbs

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