Posted by Doug Root on 2nd May 2019

The Best Places to Use Light Dimmers

a pendant light hanging from the ceiling

Here's a secret: every place is the best place to use a light dimmer. There are few rooms in your home that won't benefit from it. Controlling the brightness in your space is no joke. It's a small amenity, but it has an impact. Floor lamps and table lamps aren't always enough to light up the room, but that doesn't mean you want an overhead fixture that shines brighter than the sun. Occasionally, that much illumination is necessary, but most of the time, a subtle glow is enough to send the shadows fleeing from the darkest corners of the room. Your home has the perfect spot for a light dimmer switch. Keep reading to find out where it is.

Lighting Up the Bedroom

a sunny bedroom with an overhead light

If you don't have a light dimmer in the bedroom already, then here's your sign that it's time: install a dimmer switch in your bedroom. Bright lights in the boudoir have their place, but more often than not, a soft flicker is the best bet. Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, but that's impossible when it's harshly illuminated all the time. Sure, you always have the option of switching off the overhead fixture and relying on the lamps on your bedside tables, but that's not your only choice.

A dimmer—and, even better, a smart dimmer—can create a mood in your room. Going even further, a smart light with a dimmer switch can create any mood you want. In addition to dimming down the lights to a hint, you can also experiment with a variety of color palettes. Put together a spectrum of mood lighting designed to spark a romantic atmosphere or to relax you before bedtime.

Mind you, there are lamps with dimmers as well, and you can also use smart lights in your lamps. Just remember that you have to choose lights and dimmers that are compatible with each other. You can imagine the frustration of installing a new switch only to discover that it doesn't work.

Ambiance in the Living Room

The living room is probably where you do the majority of your entertaining, making it the ideal spot for a light dimmer switch. When the family's all gathered together, or you're hosting a game night with your pals, then you need brighter lights so that everyone can see what's happening. For serving up cocktails at a party full of couples, dim lights create the perfect atmosphere for coziness and intimate conversations. Because the living room is a common space for entertaining, you should consider smart dimmer lights there, as well. Changing the palette and playing with color can add ambiance.

Dining with All the Senses

a dimly lit dining room table

A delicious meal begins with the eyes. It's essential to have proper lighting in the dining room. Candlelight is lovely, but it's not always practical—or safe, for that matter. A light dimmer is a delightful addition to your dining area. In most spaces, there's an overhead fixture or a chandelier centered over the table. With a dimmer switch, you can enjoy the low-lit effect of a candlelight dinner without the open flames. It's even better if the chandelier in question uses bulbs shaped like candle flames. You know the ones.

When the kids are doing their homework at the table, or you're working on a project, you can turn up the lights as bright as they'll go. For romantic dinners or even family meals around holiday time, then you can dim the lights to set a mood. Since smart colored lights can help with the ambiance, that's something to think about installing in the dining room, too. Do you recognize a pattern yet?

Brighten Up the Porch

Three-season and four-season porches are beautiful additions to any house. What's better than the feeling of spending time outdoors all or most of the year without having to deal with the elements? Enclosed porches are cozy, and they allow you to enjoy nature regardless of the weather outside. Because they are protected structures, you can have amenities that aren't possible with a regular porch. You can have a ceiling fan, you can heat the room, or you can install an air conditioner.

You can install a light dimmer switch in an all-season porch, too. Picture yourself in a rocking chair with the lights low as you stare out into your backyard at lightning bugs or snow. Power up a brighter level of illumination to do some arts and crafts or potting. Controlling the light in a peaceful environment allows you to tailor it to your mood, the natural light outside, and the task in which you're participating.

Dimmer Designs in the Den

Do you have a den or a game room? In the interest of creating an environment that's conducive to fun or relaxation, put in a dimmer light to make your lighting work for whatever you're doing. The den might be your go-to spot for watching the latest blockbuster films, in which case you probably won't want much light at all—maybe a low light for salting that popcorn. To play video games, faint lights are perfect, while board games require something brighter. Change up colors with a smart light, as well as illumination. You can be prepared for anything, whether your friends end up playing beer pong or having an impromptu dance party.

A Tailor-Made Home Office

The level of control you get with a dimmer switch is beneficial in your home office space as well. It doesn't matter if you work from home or supplement your office hours when you're at the house. You probably spend a significant amount of time in your workspace regardless. After a long day in front of your computer, dimming the overheads can soothe your eyes. Then again, at other times, bright lights are best to help you see what you're doing.

The home office can reap several advantages from smart colored lights with a dimmer switch, as well. Eliminating blue light in your space will balance out what comes from your screen. You can also put together a palette that ensures you feel calm and on an even keel to soothe stressful workdays.

The Modern Dimmer

You've probably noticed the push for smart colored lights. There's a reason for that. Paired with a light dimmer switch, a smart light brings the traditional dimmer into a new era. You no longer have to rely on a knob. You don't even have to bother with a switch. Most, if not all, smart lights are controllable via app. As long as you pick out a kit that's compatible with your mobile phone or smart device, you can control the lights, the color spectrum, and the brightness with a flick of your fingertip.

Light dimmers aren't what they used to be, are they? Not only are they much more versatile than the standard, old-fashioned dimmer switches, but they're easier to use and not nearly as confusing. Who among us hasn't accidentally dimmed a dimmer and forgotten about it? In truth, any room can benefit from the ability to change the brightness of the overhead lights. You don't always want the room to blaze. Atlanta Light Bulbs has dimmer installation kits for traditional incandescent bulbs and for modern smart lights. Are you ready to set the mood?