Posted by Doug Root on 3rd Nov 2020

Switch Your Antique Light Bulbs to LEDs and Save!

Do you love your antique light bulbs? We do too - and so do plenty of other people. Your guests probably do as well, whether or not they’ve said anything. It’s a really popular look and produces a very singular effect in a setting.

Those antique bulbs, which are sometimes called Edison bulbs, are usually made with prominent filaments and in odd, oval light bulb shapes that are not too common anymore (except when making reproductions like these). They’re very popular for a few reasons, but one of them stands out from the rest.

What antique light bulbs like Edison light bulbs really lend to a setting is the unforgettable ambiance. They glow with a warm, soft amber light that most modern incandescent lights don’t produce anymore. For one reason or another, there has been a shift in preference towards light bulbs that produce a color temperature closer to daylight. These Edison bulbs produce a much warmer light, like the light of a candle or of fire.

If you love them, we get it but guess what. You can replace them with a modern alternative and you’ll never even know you switched them, except for the fact that they’ll help you save, in more ways than one. These are some of the ways you can save when you switch over to LEDs, specifically to LED filament bulbs.

Save Money - First up, it’s the fact that you’ll almost certainly be able to save some money on energy costs when you switch from antique bulbs to LED filament bulbs. LED bulbs, some of which are styled after the Thomas Edison bulbs they are designed to replace, are enormously energy efficient compared to incandescent bulbs. The figures will vary, but some sources will claim that LED bulbs will use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

That means after only a few months of equivalent use, you’ll have paid off the cost of the new LED bulbs, and then you’ll actually start reaping in the savings. Besides, the days of LEDs commanding high prices are gone. Now they are priced comparably and still come with the same benefits.

Save Time - You’ll also save time when you switch to LED lights and replace your antique bulbs with them. Here’s how that all works - LEDs don’t just draw less power than incandescent bulbs. They also last way, way longer. Let’s say an incandescent bulb is rated to last somewhere around 1,000 hours. An LED is going to last 25 times or longer than that. Some are rated over 50,000 hours, and there are LEDs that are rated to last even longer than that. A longer lifespan for the bulb equals less time wasted replacing dead lights for you.

Save the Earth - LEDs are also an environmentally friendly option, and there are two ways to look at this. Even though an incandescent bulb might not expressly contain harmful materials, their shorter lifespan means more of them will end up in the trash. As for the components, alternatives like CFLs have mercury and harmful compounds. LEDs won’t just last longer, they also don’t contain any harmful chemicals or metals.

Save on Cooling - LEDs don’t just draw less energy, as we have so far stated in this article. They also produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. Actually, if you’ve ever touched an operating incandescent bulb, you know just how hot they can get. LEDs rarely get anything over “warm.”

Therefore, in the summer months, LEDs will help keep your cooling costs down because they won’t be pouring heat into the air. To learn more about this regard of LEDs, check out our recent blog, “Do LEDs Catch Fire? And Other Great Questions.”

At this point, you’re thinking, “Wait! The price of the effect of those incandescent antique lamps is all of those factors above! I don’t care about the heat and the energy, I care about the ambiance.” Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can save one more thing with a vintage style LED replacement for your antique light bulbs.

Save the Ambiance - LED vintage light bulbs, also called LED filament light bulbs, are designed not just to offer the benefits above, but to serve as a near-perfect aesthetic replacement for the antique style bulbs they replace.

This means they produce the same warm glow in the same relaxing color temperature. Actually, some of these filament style bulbs are designed to be a near facsimile of the incandescent bulbs they are intended to replace, filament, and all. Even the arrangement of the LEDs within those light bulbs is intended to represent the filament designs of the antique light bulbs they replace. It’s the perfect solution - keep the effect, save everywhere else.

If you’re looking for filament bulbs like these for your antique light fixtures, you’re in the right place. Check out our collections via the links above and if you need help finding the right one, get in touch with us at 1-888-988-2852.