Posted by Doug Root on 9th Dec 2015

Susan LED Upgrade for Warehouses with 400W Metal Halide

We all know switching from metal halide bulbs to LED bulbs in our warehouses and distribution centers is a big decision. The choice to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting makes perfect sense on paper, but the installation, rewiring, and downtime of the retrofit can make an impact on what you decide to do. Despite that, the return on investment can be huge, improved light levels make for safer working environments, and the maintenance savings are unbelievable. So why isn't every warehouse lined up at our door to purchase LED lighting for their warehouse?

Here is Why

The task can seem daunting for a facility manager or for the pocketbook of a CFO. It is usually just easier to say you’ll do it next year, buy another 6 pack of those energy-sucking and inefficient 400W metal halide bulbs, and go about the rest of your day.

Let's check out how easy it really is to go from metal halide bulbs to LEDs by using an LED plug & play replacement lamp. It’s as easy as unscrewing the old metal halide lamp and screwing in the new LED lamp!

Voila. You’re done!


First, find out what kind of metal halide system you have. You will need to identify the type of system in play by checking the part number on the existing bulb. To do so, turn off the power. Wait 15-20 minutes for the 400W metal halide bulb to cool down. Once cooled down, you will need to use a lift or ladder to safely gain access to the fixture. Unscrew the lamp and look for the part number etched on the glass. If it is a 400W or 320W metal halide bulb, you will be able to use one of our plug and play replacements.

To verify your system, you need to find the "M code". The M code is the ANSI ballast designation for the lamp. If it says M59, M59/E, M59/O, M132, M135/E, M135/O, M155, M155/O, or M155/E, we can use the plug and play versions that operate on one of these approved ballasts. Be sure to verify your ballast and lamp combination, if there is a mismatch they will not operate properly and could void your warranty.

SN-V-E39-400W-320W-5000-G2Step 2. Install The Light

In this scenario, I was retrofitting a 400W metal halide pulse start M135/E high bay demo fixture we have hanging in our warehouse.

The power was already off, and the lamp was already removed from the fixture. At this point, we have done all the major work.

Now, all we need to do is to screw in our new LED 400W metal halide replacement bulb. Once the lamp is tightly screwed into the socket, you will need to secure the lamp with the wire and hook system. This secures the lamp.

Remember, there is no need to touch the ballast or do any rewiring.


Step 3. Turn On the Light

Turn on the power and enjoy the benefits of higher light levels, instant-on light (no warm-up time like with metal halide bulbs), and reduced power consumption that yields a 60-80% energy savings.

LED plug and play technology makes these lamps truly plug-and-play by allowing them to operate directly off of existing ballasts. Simply replace the existing MH lamp with a LED Lamp without making any modifications to the fixture.

The Plug and play LED Lamp has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours—5 times longer than that of MH lamps. This eliminates costly replacement cycles and reduces maintenance costs.

These LED lamps are available in a range of color temperatures, including 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. It delivers consistent light levels across its long life, which results in a high-quality lighting experience for the building’s occupants. Replace your metal halide bulbs now.

Watch the actual installation now!

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