Posted by Doug Root on 1st Jul 2020

Stop Here for Commercial LED Lighting

It’s amazing to see how far technology has come with respect to commercial lighting in general and commercial LED lighting in specific. Whereas businesses only had a few reasonable options in lighting such as fluorescent lights and HID lamps, today many businesses can take advantage of the wide number of commercial LED solutions available at their disposal. Whether you need shop lights, barn lights, area lighting, high bay lighting, corn cob lighting, or other indoor or outdoor lighting, check with us first. We have a huge number of LED lighting solutions available for businesses, and with them, you can expect some of these following benefits.

1.Energy Efficiency

This is the most often cited benefit of LED lighting. They are enormously energy efficient, drawing significantly less power than incandescent bulbs. Since you’re here for commercial LED lighting, you’ll be glad to know that LEDs also draw far less power than HID lamps, halogen lamps, and even fluorescents, which themselves are fairly energy efficient.

2.Long Life

LED lights also last a ridiculously long time, with some achieving lifespans close to 100,000 hours. The only other lights that come close are fluorescent lights, and even the best of these can only reach about half of that lifespan. Plus, LEDs that are failing can sometimes be brought back to life by replacing an aging or failing driver instead of replacing the LED itself.

3.Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes disposing of lights like HID lamps and fluorescent bulbs can rack up fees for businesses because these lights contain hazardous elements such as mercury. That is not the case with LEDs. Even though their upfront costs are sometimes marginally higher, disposal is not a pain.

4.Keep HVAC Costs Down

Because LEDs do not waste a lot of energy as heat and convert most of what they draw into light, they can keep costs down, especially in the summer in large bays and warehouses where HVAC costs can soar.

5.Compatibility with Extreme Temperatures

LED lights will work in extreme temperatures and don’t need to reach a certain temperature to reach their full brightness. This makes them suitable for use in freezers and other extremely cold locations, but it also means they will work where the temperatures are on the other end of the extreme, and, since they produce very little heat themselves there is little risk of them overheating.

6.Instant Start-Up

Although modern electronic ballasts have solved most of the “warm-up” problems associated with fluorescent lighting, it can still be said that LEDs don’t need to warm up and work immediately when switched on. This can be important in areas where the lights are switched on and off with a relatively high frequency - especially since a lot of energy is wasted at the startup of some fluorescents and HID lamps.

Those are some great reasons why your organization might be seriously considering implementing commercial LED lighting as a replacement for your current lighting infrastructure, but the deal gets even better when you shop with us here at Atlanta Light Bulbs.

Great Selection

The best thing about shopping with us here at Atlanta Light Bulbs is that we have one of the greatest selections available online, and not just in LED fixtures. You can come to us for any number of different commercial LED lighting solutions, including corn cob LEDs to replace HID lamps, LEDs that are designed to take the place of fluorescent lights and work with their ballasts, along with LED circline bulbs, filament bulbs and everything in between. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, so you can of course visit us for just about any specialty bulb or lighting fixtures you need. Just call us to find it.

Low Pricing and Bulk Discounts

If a great selection is one part of the puzzle of successful business, then the other is a great pricing structure. We make it a point to offer low pricing on everything we sell right out of the gate, but a lot of our sales go to business and we understand that - so make us an offer. We’ll work with you to come up with a deal that works out for both of us. We also offer bulk discounts, so the more you buy, the more you save - and who needs only one LED light bulb for commercial purposes?

Excellent Customer Service

Finally, to ice the cake, we offer excellent customer service. That means when you need help finding something, some additional technical information, or some suggestions for replacements, you can rely on us. We’ve been in business for almost forty years and that’s no happy accident; we treat our customers like family. When you have a problem we will work with you to come up with a solution. Just call us and you’ll see - you can reach us at 1-888-988-2852.