Posted by Doug Root on 12th Sep 2020

Seven Reasons to Upgrade to an LED Exit Sign

Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we’re gone into detail about some of the advantages of LED lights, as compared generally with other sundry lighting sources. The points we call out in that article are generally applicable across the board, but the advantages of LED lights become all the more salient when you look at a specific example of how to implement them.

One of these ways is to replace the existing exit signs you have in your building or buildings with LED exit signs. Exit signs, a little bit like fire alarms, are mission-critical to the safety of building occupancy, and therefore you should always use the best possible lighting equipment at your disposal. Interestingly enough, the best option might be LED lighting. Here are seven great reasons that an LED exit sign has the advantage over most other forms of exit sign illumination.


Longevity is perhaps the most important reason that LEDs have a distinct advantage here over other emergency lights such as GLS and incandescent exit signs. LEDs just last so much longer than other lighting technology, even long-lasting technology like fluorescents.

An LED exit sign is likely to last many thousands of hours, which will equate to many years, longer than other emergency lighting. That will equate to less maintenance and also higher reliability, but we’ll touch on that shortly.

They’re Highly Visible

The most important aspect of emergency lighting, be it LED emergency lighting or otherwise, is that it can be seen when it needs to be seen. Otherwise, it has effectively no value. This is a matter not only of practicality but of public safety.

Today, LED lights are as bright and every bit as visible as counterparts are, making them an excellent solution for emergency lighting in low light environments where visibility is key.

Low Power Draw

One of the reasons that LED lights have such high longevity is that they are extremely energy efficient. This comes along with a number of benefits. For one, you can expect the light to be operable when you need it to be. For another, it will cut back on energy costs; not that any organization's bills are appreciably constituted of the power drawn by emergency lighting, but every penny counts. Finally, it means that even a low voltage power source can keep the light running, for example, a battery backup.

Low Maintenance

LED lights, including those in exit signs, draw very little power and last a long time, and they also require little maintenance. That means, that for one thing, you will hardly ever have to waste time replacing lights that burn out because LEDs do not “burn out” in the same way that bulbs like incandescents do.

Additionally, this lower maintenance will free you from the need to pay someone to maintain the lights and at the same time will save you on replacement costs since you will rarely have to make them.


Not to suggest that exit signs commonly come into contact with harsh conditions or temperatures, but for what it is worth, LEDs are extremely durable and reliable. Whereas most light bulbs consist of a globe that contains gases and other compounds, LEDs are considered SSLs, or Solid State Lights.

What this means is that there is no “bulb” to crack or break. In fact, the coating over the diode is really just a protective layer and contains no glass, so there’s basically nothing to break. LEDs are also operable under extreme temperatures and some are even resistant to vibration and moisture.

Environmentally Friendly

One more thing to note on the matter of their physical properties is that LEDs are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful compounds. Even if they did, they last so long that you would only have to replace them every few years at most. All of that equates to less trash for the earth to absorb, and even when you do discard an LED chip, there’s nothing toxic in it.

It All Comes down to Safety

If you account for all of these factors, you’re left with the simple truth that the most important thing that an LED sign can afford you is a higher level of safety. Because they are more reliable and last longer, you can count on them to illuminate a path to safety even in the darkness.

If you’re interested in making the switch to LED emergency lighting, we can offer you a multitude of options here at Atlanta Light Bulbs. Check out some of the options we offer here on our website, such as our red-letter Lithonia M6 LED Exit Sign and our green letter Howard Exit Sign. Take a look through our catalog and if you have any questions, give our team a call at 1-888-988-2852.