Posted by Doug Root on 22nd Nov 2019

Our Guide to Holiday Lighting Prep

The holidays are around the corner. If you have the right attitude, the right products, and a little information, you can celebrate the year’s most special days with lighting displays. If you’ve been looking for the perfect outdoor party lighting ideas, Atlanta Light Bulbs has what you need.

Blending the Seasons

It’s becoming increasingly popular to throw Halloween-themed Christmas parties and vice versa. Who doesn’t like a few spooky treats mixed in with their festive fun? An  orange bulb can show off your wilder side and add some flair reminiscent of a Jack O’Lantern to any yuletide gathering or event.

Building a Visual

Different lights are going to be appropriate depending on what time of year it is, which is why it’s wise to have some neutral colors and lighting fixtures to build a variety of outdoor party lighting ideas off of no matter what the occasion calls for. To ensure you have plenty of options, we recommend landscape fixtures like  pathway lamps and bullets take a permanent position on your patio so you can pair their beautiful bronze lighting with a variety of decorations that will give your party area a new look for any time of year (and as a bonus, they will keep your yard well lit even when there are no celebrations going on).

Landscape Light Bulbs

Almost any bulb can work for landscape lighting depending on the context, but the more powerful the wattage and more vibrant the color, the better it will fit in as an outdoor party or holiday fixture. A great example of this is our  red flood light from Halco, which would make a fantastic fit for any Christmas party that needs to send a big signal about representing the seasonal colors.

Keeping It Old School

Tradition can be an important part of any number of outdoor party lighting ideas; after all, the holidays are about celebrating the things that have brought us together, and those traditions will likely continue for a lifetime. A well-placed  filament antique bulb can create a cozy glow that will remind one and all of why we love to get together.

Socket to Me

Even if you have the prettiest lights and most well-curated aesthetics in the world, they aren’t going to make much of a difference if you don’t have the proper outlets to plug your lamps and bulbs into. Luckily for you, Atlanta Light Bulbs carries a variety of  string lights to make sure none of your outdoor party lighting ideas become compromised by inconvenience, whether you’re setting up landscape light bulbs, holiday displays, or any of our other great offerings.

DIYing It

Finally, you should seriously  consider investing in the proper tools if any of these ideas piqued your interest and you’d like to try your hand at installing them yourself. You don’t have to pay out the nose for an expensive installation in order to make your outdoor party lighting ideas come to life with enough vibrancy to make the main character of a Tim Allen holiday movie blush with envy!

Trust the Experts at Atlanta Light Bulbs

No matter how you’re trying to set up your holiday lighting, Atlanta Light Bulbs can help. We make sure we’re the experts on lighting so you don’t have to be. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments about what you’ve read here, or  get in touch with us directly. The best deals on LED canopy light fixtures, landscape light bulbs and more are only a few clicks away, so shop with Atlanta Light Bulbs today and turn your outdoor party lighting ideas from dreams into reality!