Posted by Ashlee Harris on 10th Nov 2015

Nostalgic Antique LED Bulbs

Old style light bulbs are now cool again and the LED versions are even cooler!

Lighting technology is rapidly changing. Did you know Edison's good ole light bulb is now made with LED's...

led antique nostalgic bulbs

So, what is a nostalgic led light bulb? Good question! 

LED nostalgic bulbs are made to look just like a standard bulb. They have a yellow glowing LED filament that mimics standard incandescent light. The glass is shatterproof and has a smoky amber coating to give it that "vintage" look. Small LED chips are actually pasted onto the wire stabilizers so the LED actually looks like it has a glowing filament. These bulbs are very popular in coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores. The antique LED bulbs are very energy efficient & like most LED’s offer 70-85% energy savings when compared to the incandescent versions. A huge plus is that the LED version offers a much longer life which helps out on the maintenance cost. Incandescent lamps average life is 1000 hours, while the LED version has a useful life of around 15,000 hours. The LED versions are very cost effective, especially when you look at the replacement cost of incandescent bulbs and energy savings you see. These lamps start at $7.14 each!

There are more than a dozen shapes and styles manufactured now days, Bulbrite offers a great selection. They have round globes to tubular shapes and all in-between. Their are different styles of LED filaments as well, single loop and double loop are just a few. Look for more styles to come out in the future as this technology gains traction in the consumer marketplace. 

The LED antique nostalgic lamps give off a soft and warm glow that is very easy on the eyes and are perfect for open fixtures that show off the vintage look where you can physically see he diode on within the filaments. They are also dimmable with an electronic dimmer. So most existing dimmers or dimming systems work perfectly with them.

These LED’s are perfect in restaurants, lounges and hotels where that vintage look is to be desired. If you have a space that needs the "vintage" look but you want to have energy efficient lighting than these are what you need!  Shop our entire collection of LED filament style bulbs by clicking here