Posted by Doug Root on 16th Oct 2019

Meet the new Lithonia Lighting Wafer™ LED a Housing-Free Recessed Downlight with Switchable White for Indoor-Outdoor Use

At our goal is to keep our customers up to speed on the newest and coolest products in the lighting market. We want to make lighting cool again...the days of boring old downlights, light bulbs and fixtures are over! Welcome to the Smart Lighting Universe where you have control of your lighting. Now you can play music with your speaker LED down lights, change color temperatures with apps and so much more.

Now, let's check out Lithonia Lighting's new color switchable white LED Wafer™ downlight!

So, what is an LED Wafer™?

Lithonia Lighting Housing free LED recessed downlight wafer

The LED Wafer™ is a fairly new product. One that really started gaining momentum over the past 24 months. Lithonia Lighting seems to have taken the Wafer™ and made it a "household name" hence the trademark.The thin LED recessed housing free downlight has a remote driver eliminating the need for a pot light housing. The driver has four 7/8" knockouts with slots for pryout. The box is suitable for pulling wires because of the 12 cubic-inch wiring compartment which can accommodate up to (8) 14 gauge insulated conductors or (6) 12 gauge insulated conductors. This makes the LED Wafer downlights easy to wire in 2in/2outs (plus ground) daisy-chain applications which has made them the contractors choice in new construction and remodels.

Easy Installation of WF6 - Steel Springs on LED Wafer Downlight

What makes the WF Series great?

Lithonia Lighting put a fantastic edge-lit technology in the fixture which provides crisp, uniform clean light.  They are visually appealing and look far better than their half priced counterparts. The Wafer™ are ultra thin and can be installed without a recessed housing. The steel spring tension clips on the topside of the LED Wafer™ are super duper strong and hold perfectly on dry wall edges, bead board or ship lap(which my wife loves). The Wafer™ LED allows for quick and simple installations by contractors, electricians and DIYer's. The Wafer™ can be installed in applications with as little as 2 inch plenum clearance. They are ideal for shallow ceiling plenum since a pot light housing is NOT required. They are IC rated and approved for direct contact with insulation. Not to mention they are damp location rated

The Lithonia WF series is currently offered in 4 different sizes, 2 different shapes and various finishes. The Wafer™ LED downlight sizes are 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch and 8 Inch diameter downlights and these come in round or square. 

What is new with the ultra-thin LED Wafer™ ?

The first generation of LED Wafer™ downlights are factory set to single color temperatures (2700K , 3000K , 3500K , 4000K or 5000K CCT). With the standard color temperature options you had to pick your color temperature desired at the time of purchase. This is where the color of light can be so important. We have all been in spaces that have terrible lighting and it is noticeable. For many folks they would buy different samples and try the colors out in the space to make sure the color matched the vibe or the look they wanted. This can be timely and expensive. Not to mention you are now forever stuck with the color temperature you chose. 

DRUMROLL...the switchable white LED Wafer™ is here!

Color Switchable White LED Wafers From Lithonia Lighting

The new ultra-thin switchable white recessed downlight Wafer™ is the newest wafer style downlight from our friends at Lithonia Lighting. The standard color temperature versions are cool but the new color switchable versions allow you to choose the color temperature of the Wafer™ during install or down the road. 

The innovative Switchable White feature incorporates a switch on each fixture for simple color temperature adjustment. You choose warm or too cool? Simply toggle the integrated switch to your desired setting (3000K factory default) and you are done! 

Whatever your application, luminaires with Switchable White are sure to give you the feel and flexibility that you need.

Color Switchable White LED Wafer Options

The Color Switchable White LED Wafer™ from Lithonia are currently offered in 2 variation packages (2700K-3000K-3500K or 3000K-4000K-5000K) 

The first variation 27K30K35K focuses on the lower color temperature options (soft white to neutral white). The warm colors are very popular for residential lighting applications, restaurants, bars and waiting rooms. In these applications you typically want a warm, cozy and inviting feel for the space. 

On the other side of the coin is the more versatile option "IMO". The 30K40K50K gives you a broader spectrum of color temperatures to choose from. A warm white option(3000K) a cool white option(4000K) and a daylight option(5000K). This option is best when you are not sure what color you want. You get to choose from a broad spectrum. These options are great for residential, commercial applications and educational spaces. 

Ready to Purchase Your Color Switchable LED Wafer?

4 Inch WF4 Series

WF4 4 Inch Color Switchable White LED Wafer

6 Inch WF6 Series

WF6 LED Switchable White Wafer

8 Inch WF8 Series

WF8 Wafer Color Switchable White

WF4 4 Inch Switchable White LED Wafer

WF6 6 Inch Switchable LED Wafer Downlight

WF8 8 Inch Switchable White LED Wafer Downlight

WF4 4 Inch Switchable White LED Wafer 3000k - 4000k - 5000K

WF6 6 Inch Switchable LED Wafer Downlight 3000k - 4000k - 5000k

WF8 8 Inch Switchable LED Wafer Downlight 3000k - 4000k - 5000k

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