Posted by Doug Root on 22nd Sep 2015

Maxlite LED Plug & Play CFL Replacements

We are proud to announce the newest edition to MaxLite's awesome product offering. The Engineers at MaxLite have out done themselves on this cool LED plug and play replacement lamp for compact fluorescent 4 pin lamps!

Maxlite DirectFit PL lamp

The new MaxLite DirectFit CFL Lamps are a plug-and-play replacement for CFL4 Pin bulbs in downlights, sconces and other four-pin base fixtures commonly used in commercial buildings. The 13-watt LED lamps operate directly off of the existing ballast, allowing facility managers to reap the energy-saving benefits of LED technology in the most cost-effective way. These 13W LED CFL replacements are rated at 50,000 hour L70 life, 1000 lumens, 77 lumens per watt and are equivalent to a 26W CFL 4 Pin lamp. Note: these will not work on magnetic 2 pin ballast applications.

The DirectFit PL lamps are offered in two designs to suit horizontal or vertical mounting position, This allows you to take advantage of the lamp design to maximize the lumen output on surface you are looking to illuminate. DirectFit PL Lamps plug right into the existing four-pin socket (G24q) without any extra labor or re-wiring, making the switch to more efficient lighting seamless. 

The lamps are available in three color temperatures to create beautiful, high-quality illumination for any indoor commercial environment, including hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and universities.

These lamps start at $26.49 per lamp and are discounted when you purchase in quantity. These lamps come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. NOTE: It is imperative that we verify that your electronic ballast is compatible with the lamp. If you have questions or need a sample, give us a call ! 1-888-988-2852 were here to help, or shop now!