Posted by Doug Root on 1st Oct 2015

Lunera LED Bulbs | The Property Managers Best Friend has been providing lighting products to the World for over 34 years. We have seen a lot of companies come and go over the years. Our goal is to work with lighting suppliers that have an edge on the competition so that we can offer a superb product that solves our clients complex lighting issues. Lunera makes is simple with their plug and play technology. We love it!

Lunera is pioneering the technologies that are shaping the future of commercial LED lighting. Since 2009 the engineers at Lunera have been improving upon the LED bulb. Our innovative approach to LED replacement lamps is delivering true plug and play solutions driven off of the existing fixture ballasts. Literally, take out the old and plug in Lunera.

Meet the Lunera girls...Helen, Susan & Lucy!

Lunera Lighting - LED - Lucy Lamp - Susan Lamp - Helen Lamp

Lunera's Helen Lamp

The Energy Star approved Helen Lamp saves more than 50 percent in energy consumption compared to the two or four pin 26-watt CFLs that it replaces. Energy savings can be up to 60 or 70 percent when replacing traditional 32-watt or 42-watt CFLs. The Helen Lamp is backed by a five-year warranty, the long 50,000-hour lifespan of the Helen Lamp eliminates at least 5 to 6 CFL lamp replacement cycles, basically eliminating routine maintenance costs.

Lunera's Susan Lamp

Why pay high electric costs for ugly metal halide light? The Susan Lamp brings huge energy savings and enables your metal halide fixtures to deliver high-quality, instant-on light. Just screw the Susan Lamp into your existing magnetic metal halide fixture to convert to LED. There’s no need to bypass the ballast. Enjoy 60%-80% energy savings compared with metal halide lamps. And since the Susan Lamp lasts 5 times longer, you can save on the expense of multiple replacement cycles.

As a matter of fact, here is a great video one of our reps took after switching 1 fixtures 400W metal halide with a SN-V-E39-400W-320W-5000-G2 SUSAN LAMP

Lunera's Lucy Lamp

Switch from the orange and yellow glow of high pressure sodium light to full spectrum LED just by switching the lamp! Just screw the Lucy Lamp into your existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixture to convert to LED. There’s no need to bypass the ballast. The Lucy Lamp is available for Mogul or Medium base sockets and supports a wide range of wattages to reduce inventory and maintenance hassles.