Posted by Doug Root on 28th Sep 2015

Local School System Taps Atlanta Light Bulbs for LED Lighting

A local school system was extremely unhappy with the lighting in one of their cafeterias, so they turned to ALB Energy Solutions for a resolution! They wanted to retrofit their school cafeteria with LED but did not know what the best option was or where to start!

Jesse Root visited the school spoke with the Principal, the staff so he could get an understanding of their issues with the current lighting. Next, he discussed with them their goals, aspirations and objectives for the cafeteria. During this time of learning ALB Energy Solutions team members really try to understand what it is the client wants. We do this so we can specify the right solution for the application! We are not here to sell you 1 LED option. We have many LED lighting options.

The school wanted a bright environment for their plays, pep rallies and events and wanted to reduce maintenance time & cost.

Here is a before picture of the cafeteria. As you can see it is very dim. The fixtures were outfitted with 175 watt metal halide down lights and many were out.


These fixtures were extremely expensive to maintain. Each fixture had a FCAN style ballast that cost about $100 to replace. 

Atlanta Light Bulbs Energy Solutions team got to work and came up with a very simple solution. We decided that the best way to add crisp, clean LED light was to replace the 175W metal halide downlights with 2x2 5000K LED Panels. The panels fit right into the ceiling grid and worked on 120 or 277V. Check out the difference!

LED 2x2 panels - led 2x4 troffers

Here are the vitals on the LED school retrofit we did in Atlanta:

Total Investment - $3,409

Annual Energy Savings - $2,307

5yr Energy Savings - $11,535

Bulb+Ballast Cost to Replace: Savings over LED Life - $7,175

The ballast and lamp replacement cost alone were enough for this job to make sense! Add in the energy savings and it was a "NO BRAINER"

When your school or commercial building is ready to see results like this, call our LED solutions specialist Jesse Root, 770-492-5086, or shoot us an email [email protected]

We are here to make switching to LED Easy! We are your LED energy saving lighting experts in Atlanta!