Posted by Doug Root on 11th Aug 2020

Lithonia Lighting to Halco: Spotlight on Our Brands

At Atlanta Light Bulbs, we take a few things seriously, and among them are customer service and a great selection of lighting solutions and fixtures that will satisfy a very wide range of requirements. We offer so much more than you might have run across in ramblings, and whether you are a homeowner with a need for outfitting your old incandescent fixtures with upgraded, compatible LED lighting or a specialist with a need for highly unique lighting solutions for medical or scientific purposes, rest assured that we offer plenty of options for your needs among our catalog.

Part of providing a broad selection of lighting solutions and lighting fixtures come in the form of a diverse portfolio of different brands, that you will find well represented here on our website. In fact, you can shop through our collection of brands right on our website; we offer far too many to list outright, but if you check that page above you can take your time to look through our catalog, by brand, if you have something specific in mind that you need.

As mentioned, it would be a Herculean task to give an overview of every single one of the different brands that we offer here on our site. No inclusion is accidental, and our catalog of brands has been selected based on the merits, including the quality and specificity of the lighting solutions they offer. With that in mind, here are some of our featured brands. Among these, you will find many of the categories of lighting that we offer well represented.

Lithonia Lighting

Among our most popular brands, you will find Lithonia Lighting, which is well renowned in many circles for the quality and diversity of the products they offer. Lithonia, which is actually a subsidiary of Acuity Lighting, is remarkable for the fact that it provides so many different solutions in lighting for a number of different purposes. Whereas some lighting manufacturers specialize in the production of a few select lines of lighting, Lithonia provides solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Lithonia Lighting , named after the town of Lithonia in Georgia, where the operation began over 70 years ago, is a noteworthy producer of LED retrofits, including LED downlights which some homeowners will prefer for a variety of reasons, among them that they provide a slim profile, excellent color temperature and are extremely energy efficient.

Lithonia also produces a number of specialized LED lights that can be used as commercial or industrial solutions in situations where previously fluorescent lights would be used. For example, Lithonia produces panel LED lights meant to serve as energy-efficient replacements for other fixtures. At the same time, Lithonia also produces a number of commercial linear lights, shop lights, and wall brackets that might be specifically valued in a given situation.

Lithonia Lighting also produces industrial high bay lighting as well as residential floodlighting, track lighting and decorative lighting. It would be nearly as futile to attempt to enumerate all of the different lighting solutions that Lithonia offers in such a short space. Rather, take a look through our Lithonia collection above and call us if you have any questions.

Halco Lighting

Halco Lighting, like Lithonia Lighting, provinces an enormous number of diverse lighting solutions to the modern market. While Halco Lighting’s history may not span back as far as Lithonia's, their collection of lighting solutions is equally as diverse, if not more so. Committed to quality, service, and value, Halco is not only valuable for the diversity of its product line, but for its vision and commitment to such.

Again, a simple enumeration of the number of different lighting products that Halco offers would be nearly pointless and would begin to sound like a list in very short order, but suffice it to say that Halco produces a colorful variety of incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lamps, as well as a huge collection of LED lights and a number of HID lamps, including metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps.

As you may be aware, many types of lamps, including HID lamps and fluorescent lamps, will not operate properly without the use of a ballast, and Halco lighting provides ballasts for a number of these lamps as well. In addition, Halco produces and provides a number of luminaires as well. As we stated previously, rather than simply stating each product offered by Halco, we would welcome you to investigate our collection of Halco Lighting solutions above, and to contact our service team should you need any help locating a specific product.


OsRam Lighting, which owns Sylvania, has a very long and interesting history in the production of lighting solutions. OsRam, also known as OsRam-Sylvania, was founded over a hundred years ago, in Germany. Its name is an amalgamation of Osmium and Wolfram, the German name for Tungsten, and by which it is sometimes known in English. Osmium and Wolfram, or Tungsten, were both commonly used in the production of lighting filaments at the time of OsRam’s inception.

Today, OsRam is well known for producing a number of lighting solutions. Though it had its beginnings producing incandescent lamps, today OsRam-Sylvania is well known for the production of LED Lights for sundry purposes, as well as fluorescent lighting, halogen lighting, and even HID lighting, as well as associated items like luminaires.

OsRam is not just a storied producer of so many different types of lighting, they are a well-respected innovator in the field with a long history of success. Originally, OsRam’s success was attributable to the efficiency of its lighting products, but over time, OsRam made a name for itself through technological innovation as well. With the rise of LED technology, OsRam broke ground with the acquisition of Siemens, whereby it could acquire expertise in the production of semiconductors that are critical to the operation of LED lights.

As mentioned, OsRam is a producer of a broad variety of specialty bulbs including but not limited to the collections enumerated above. Take a look through our page of brand listings and if you have any questions or need help locating a product, give us a call.


Philips, like OsRam, has a long and colorful history of innovation and success, spanning back even further. Since 1891, Philips has been a premier provider of lighting solutions to the world, having come quite a long way since the days of carbon-filament incandescent bulbs. Philips’s history of successful innovation spans far beyond the bounds of lighting technology, into the realms of the x-ray technology, radio communications, and recordings - Philips was even instrumental in the development and production of the CD, which, though it is today a relic, was a breakthrough. Today, Philips is still defined by the pioneering spirit that drove these breakthroughs.

Philips also produces one of the most diverse catalogs of modern lighting solutions available in the world today, with an extremely diverse catalog of solutions not only for professional specialty applications but for residential purposes as well. Among their offerings, you will find halogen, LED, fluorescent, and yes, even incandescent bulbs, along with many others. Whether you need lighting for your home or a very specific specialty bulb, there is a good chance that Philips offers some kind of solutions; check our listing of Philips products or call our team to learn more.


Westinghouse is another legendary name in the world of electrical engineering, although it did not get its start with electricity. Bearing the name of founder George Westinghouse, the company originally produced air brakes before the Westinghouse Electrical Company was founded in 1886, after which point visionary Nikola Tesla came to work for the company. Among Westinghouse Electrical Company’s early achievements was the production of Alternating Current Generators and early Electric Locomotives, although at the present day, here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, our focus lies with the lighting solutions the company can provide.

Westinghouse produces some of the finest residential and utility lighting available on the market today, including but not limited to residential decorative lighting, light fixtures, safety and security lights, many different types of outdoor lighting, and more. Homeowners will find plenty to love in our collection of Westinghouse lighting solutions; check our link above to our Westinghouse collection or, of course, reach out to us to learn more.

General Electric

General Electric, like Westinghouse, has a long and influential history of success, and also like Westinghouse, today is largely known for its residential lighting solutions. While General Electric has been and continues to be widely influential in the fields of power, renewable energy production, and aviation, they are equally well known for its diversity of residential lighting solutions.

There’s hardly a home in America that doesn’t have a GE appliance or light bulb on display or in use somewhere. General Electric offers a number of lighting solutions such as floodlights, miniature light bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and much more. We offer a particularly diverse selection of General Electric lighting options on our website, so if you get lost among the weeds, please, contact our team and we’ll help put you in touch with whatever you need.

Among Many Others

This sampling of the brands that we offer here, though it does highlight some of our most well-represented suppliers and manufacturers, truly only scratches the surface of the number of different brands, and types of lighting solutions, that we offer.

As we mentioned previously, if you are a homeowner with a need for incandescent lighting or LED lighting to replace those lights, you can find a myriad of options at Atlanta Light Bulbs. If you are looking for decorative or accent lighting or even residential security lighting, you can find that here as well.

At the same time, we offer a surfeit of different industrial lighting, including many different kinds of fluorescent lightings, halogen lighting, industrial LED lights like corn cob lights, as well as numerous options in HID lamps. We offer sodium bulbs, metal halide bulbs, mercury vapor bulbs, and much more.

In addition, we offer a large collection of specialty lightings, such as numerous different kinds of UV bulbs, airfield lighting, medical bulbs, spectral lamps, and more. Much as how listing out our brands would be an exercise in futility, so would be an attempt to loosely categorize all of the different types of bulbs we offer. You know what you’re here for, so get to looking for it - or, if you don't, you can call our team for a little push in the right direction or some information to help you clarify what you need and why.

Great Customer Service

That brings us to our next point, which is that, while we have an unrivaled selection of products, our customer service stands second to none. We’ve built a business model that has thrived over the past 40 years and it was no happy accident.

That was largely accomplished through our stellar customer service. When you have a question - a basic question about the types of lighting you can use with a given fixture or a more technical question on the merits of different classes of HID bulbs, we would be more than happy to furnish you with an answer. There’s more, though!

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When you shop on our website, you will see plenty of pricing listed, but we understand that business is about flexibility and accommodation and negotiation and that pricing can be taken as a static factor. It must rather be a variable, and therefore, we invite you to give us a call to work with us on pricing, especially if you are a bulk buyer. If you believe that your order quantity deserves special pricing, give our team a call!

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