Posted by Doug Root on 8th Sep 2015

LED's changing the way we shop

In this day and age we are seeing everything go digital, right before our eyes. The analog World as we know it is slowly disappearing. Our homes, businesses, schools and cars are all becoming connected. Connected systems are what will power the digital World of the future and LED's will play a huge role in bridging platforms and technologies. LED's are going to be changing the way we shop in our brick and mortar stores.

LED's are solid state which gives manufacturers the ability to add services to the lamp or fixture.  Making them Smart LED's. Imagine that you are in the local grocery store and as you are walking down an isle you receive a text, an alert or an email from the store about a buy 1 get one free special on a can of corn you like.  You look at your phone, look at your cart and start pushing it down the isle and what do you see...the corn! The mapping capabilities and tracking of you in the store is being done by your cell phone talking with an LED light above you. The LED light is communicating your information on where you are in the store and giving you real time deals and specials based on your position and or buying habits! LED's will have a significant impact on how we buy and how we shop for products.

This is cool stuff and coming to a store near you in the future!