Posted by Doug Root on 13th Jul 2015

LED Smart Bulbs that Create their Own Wireless Network

Did you know that  researchers from around the World have created ways to transmit wireless information from LED light bulbs? They  act as a form of enhancement to Wi-Fi based networks known as "Li-Fi".

Engineers at the University of Virginia (U.Va) have come up with a new idea – they claim to have created an algorithm that makes almost any device that gives of visible light LEDs able to communicate with other equipment that have similar LEDs. 

For example, the LED headlights in your car could talk to the car in front of you through its LED taillights, which could notify the car of impending collisions or issues. Another cool idea would be to have your LED display in your clock radio could tell the coffee maker to turn on via its indicator light. 

This is fascinating new research and technical advancement in the Solid State Lighting industry. 

Soon your car may talking to the one in front of you!