Posted by Doug Root on 12th Oct 2015

LED Lighting Retrofit Saves Atlanta Midtown Parking Deck $16,000 in First 12 Months


Parking deck lighting is often overlooked at many businesses. Think about it – parking lot & parking deck lights are on all night long, yet for the most part nobody is there to notice them. So they are easy to ignore.

But a midtown Atlanta condominium owner was thinking ahead, and approached an electrical contractor with a request for LED options for his parking lot. Their main goal was to conserve energy. They realized that with that much running time on his lighting, a little energy savings can go a long way.

It was equally important to increase light levels and add the reassurance of a safe and well lit parking deck for the tenants. Exterior lighting is extremely important to building security. Parking areas must have sufficient illumination to facilitate recognition at a safe distance. In fact, more and more, courts are upholding this responsibility on behalf of tenants when managers have failed to take all reasonable precautions in providing a safe, crime-free environment for their tenants.

Working with the electrical contractor, an ALB Energy Solutions lighting technician performed a comprehensive site visit, collecting enough information to make a strategic recommendation for a retrofit utilizing a 40 watt LED Canopy Parking Garage fixture to replace the existing 175 watt metal halides. Though ALB Energy Solutions often provides turnkey projects, in this application the company did not perform the install itself, just the consultation and sale of the product.

LEDs last twice as long as traditional sources such as metal halides, saving labor and time on replacements. With no UV or yellowish green tint to the lighting, LED light provides a cleaner, crisper white light that provides accurate illumination. The “intangible” benefit of this is to provide a safer, more relaxed feeling to tenants and potential tenants as they come and go from their cars.

LED Fixture

A picture of the installation. The top parking deck has the 40W LED fixtures installed while the level below still has 175W metal halides installed. 

The end solution was well worth the effort for a number of reasons

  • Multi-Family Residential - Parking Garage
  • Before: 175w Metal Halide / Wattage with Ballast 205w
  • Annual Energy Usage: 147,256 kWh Annual Energy Cost: $16,639
  • After: 40w LED Canopy Retrofit Fixture
  • Projected Annual Energy Usage: 28,733 kWh
  • Projected Annual Energy Cost: $3,246.81
  • 80% Energy Reduction
  • Total Annual Operational Savings: $13,272
  • Georgia Power Commercial Rebate: $2,640
  • ALB Energy Solutions is ready to aid your facility upgrade their commercial lighting. We are passionate about your lighting!