Posted by Doug Root on 26th Oct 2015

LED Lighting Installation Helps Atlanta Furniture Warehouse Realize 72% in Energy Reduction


Before (Highbay Metal Halide 400w) / After (LED Retrofit Fixture 120w)

A leading furniture wholesaler located in Atlanta needed to replace their old 400W metal halide fixtures in their 140,000 square foot warehouse. They did not know what they needed or where to start so they decided to call ALB Energy Solutions and we are glad they did!  They were able to leverage a comprehensive energy audit from Atlanta Light Bulbs’ Energy Solutions (ALBES) division to achieve better performance, reduced Co2 emissions and 72% lighting energy savings via a one-for-one High Bay LED fixture and lamp retrofit.

“The goal for the project was to deliver energy efficiency, meaning delivering the same (or more) services for less energy,” said Jesse Root, ALBSES Energy Solutions Specialist. “According to the EPA, warehouses on average use 37% of their energy consumption for lighting, so the potential savings on projects like this are very significant.”

As a first step, an ALB Energy Solutions consultant walked through the entire facility to inventory all warehouse lighting. He supplemented that with a detailed interview with the facilities manager to understand operating hours, loads, and to estimate what portion of utility electrical bills derived from lighting. Data was captured on a proprietary software application via an ipad and uploaded to the cloud for a comprehensive lighting energy analysis.

ALB Energy Solutions recommended high efficiency TCPTCPHB4-UNI-12-50K-10CSPF Aluminum 120 watt LED high bay fixtures to replace the existing 400 watt metal halide fixtures. An LED payback report was delivered which outlined annual costs for lighting, cooling, and maintenance, as well as the time frame for ROI. The benefits of the Georgia Power Rebate program for energy efficient lighting were introduced, and ultimately ALB Energy Solutions filed the $19,760 Georgia Power Commercial rebate paperwork also for the client.

Energy Comparison

The Facts:

  • 140,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse
  • Before: 400w Metal Halide Highbay Lamps
  • Annual Energy Usage: 303,899 kWh
  • Annual Energy Cost: $30,389
  • After: Installed 120w LED Highbay Fixtures
  • New Annual Energy Usage: 85,884 kWh
  • New Annual Energy Cost: $8,588
  • 72% Energy Reduction
  • Return on Investment: 8.4 months
  • Total Annual Operational Savings: $26,699
  • Georgia Power Commercial Rebate: $19,760

Why they chose ALB Energy Solutions and our LED Option:

  • Long life: Average Lamp Life of 120 watt LED is 100,000 hours, while 400 watt metal halide lamp life is only 18-20,000 hrs. 
  • Lumen output: LED lamps do not degrade over time. Although the initial lumen output of a metal halide fixture may be quite high, metal halide fixtures are known for their poor lumen maintenance. The average 400 watt metal halide fixture emits only 65% of its initial lumens by the time it hits mean lamp life, and as low as 40% of its initial lumens by the end of lamp life.
  • Lower Maintenance: long life LED minimizes replacement and maintenance costs, as well as safety concerns associated with employees having accidents while on lifts or ladders.
  • Excellent Color Rendering: LED clear, crisp, UV free light and even beam distribution provides better illumination and fewer shadows for employees who are stocking shelves or working in aisles.
  • Cold Start: LED operates from a cold start, enabling energy efficiency when coupled with occupancy sensors. Metal halides require a warm up period, making it inconvenient to use frequent on-offs to achieve energy savings.

Our experienced team of lighting experts are ready to make the switch to LED quick, easy and profitable. We are one of the oldest turnkey lighting sales and installation companies in Atlanta. Call ALB Energy Solutions- the Energy Saving side of Atlanta Light Bulbs, 770-492-5086. 

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