Posted by Doug Root on 27th Feb 2019

LED Flood Light Fixtures Have Come Along Way

If you have been keeping up with the LED revolution you have probably noticed that there have been some vast improvements in the LED flood light. The LED flood light fixture was one of the first mass produced fixtures to enter the market in 2008-2010. The fixtures that came in from China were very expensive and had little engineering put into the thermal management of the LED driver and the chip so many "early adapters" saw massive failure rates and quick lumen depreciation from a very expensive fixture!

Well, things have changed and LED flood light fixtures are awesome and they are here to stay. As a matter of fact recently published this note:

GE has issued an internal memo announcing the discontinuation of HID, Incandescent, Fluorescent & Induction Luminaires due to falling demand for traditional lighting products and the accelerated adoption of solid state lighting. GE Lighting will no longer be creating new, custom non-LED luminaire configurations. These undocumented catalog numbers will no longer be allowed on quotes or orders. GE Lighting continues to focus on LED and intelligent lighting technologies, investing in the future of advanced lighting controls and energy efficient LED luminaries.

So with that being said, lets talk about LED flood lights. LED flood lights easily beat metal halide and quartz halogen flood lights on lumen per watt comparisons, useful life ratings and energy savings. The thermal management technologies have drastically improved which in turn has laid the ground for true 50-60,000 hour rated fixtures. PHILIPSMaxLite, ProLume and more have really done their homework.

When shopping for LED flood light fixtures look for the lumen output on the fixture to get a good comparison to what you are replacing. The .ies reports and fc rating charts will help you decide if the LED fixture will throw the light where you want it. LED fixtures are much better at harnessing the light and focusing the light where you want it. LED flood light fixtures beam spreads(Types) follow the same rules of past area & flood light fixtures, so you can easily compare. Lastly, check out the warranty information! offers some great LED flood light fixture options:

50W to 70W Metal Halide Equivalent

50W to 70W metal halide LED replacement flood lights

100W to 175W Metal Halide  Equivalent

100W to 175W metal halide LED flood light fixture replacement


250W to 400W Metal Halide Equivalent

400W metal halide LED flood area light fixture replacement

If you are not sure which LED flood light or area light fixture you need, please give us a call at 1-888-988-2852. If you are located in Atlanta and need LED flood lights for your commercial found the right Lighting Supplier.