Posted by Douglas Root on 11th Aug 2016

LED Filament Bulbs...What are They?

LED Globe shaped bulb

One of the newest and coolest LED bulbs on the market is the LED filament bulb!

The LED filament bulbs do a wonderful job of mimicking their traditional incandescent predecessors. LED filament type bulbs come in an array of shapes and sizes from the standard A19 shape to the nostalgic ST19 Edison type bulbs. LED filament bulbs also have the ability to be offered in various color temperatures which is great in spaces that are looking for a cooler whiter light but still want the traditional light bulb look.

How do they work?

Unlike high powered LED COB packages where there is usually 1 high powered LED chip inside of a glass/plastic or aluminum envelope, LED filament style bulbs use a different technology. This technology allows lighting manufacturers to be able to put very small LED emitters onto a linear filament style package. The LED emitters are then powered using a traditional glass insulated circuit similar to what is found in a traditional incandescent light bulb. When power is passed through the base of the lamp and onto the circuit the LED filaments emit instant light.


  • Beautiful incandescent light 2,000-2,700K
  • Options for LED filament lamps up to 5,000K
  • Keeps traditional look of the lamp in exposed glass fixtures where some plastic or aluminum LED lamps can be unsightly.
  • Options for frosted or clear, colored LED Filaments
  • Dimmable
  • 360-degree output, many LED lamps have a plastic base or a neck made of plastic, this only allows the light to emit in 270 degrees meaning that light does not mimic a traditional light bulb.
  • Can be used in totally enclosed fixtures
  • Great for use in glass pendants or decorative fixtures where the look of the bulb is important


  • The life on these is much less than a high powered, thermally managed LED. Typically, a non LED filament lamp will have an L70 lifetime (when the lumen output of the lamp is at 70% of it's original output) of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. The LED filament lamp is 10,000 to 15,000 hour. Some energy star rated lamps are rated at 25,000 like Satco's S9563 4.5G25/CL/LED/E26/27K/120V 40W equivalent G25 globe lamp, which is an excellent bulb for bathroom vanities in homes, hotels and offices.
  • Broken lamps can be problematic as if they are still energized the LED filaments can be dangerous if the filament is touched while on. There is a risk of shock when this happens. If the glass breaks, turn the lamp off immediately.
  • Great for accent lighting however are not a great directional light for down lighting.

LED filament bulbs

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