Posted by Doug Root on 11th Sep 2015

LED Bulbs Under $5

Are you one of those people who is hoarding up all of the 60 watt and 100 watt light bulbs? Do you have a stash of light bulbs in your closet awaiting the "bulbagedeon" to come? Well the time is now to stop hoarding those inefficient light bulbs that heat our houses and make our electric power meters run like a top! Time to save big with LED bulbs under $5.

The $5 LED light bulb is herePhilips is proud to announce a cost effective option for everyday lighting applications. The new Philips LED family delivers LED benefits at an extremely affordable price. With lifetimes 10 times longer than incandescents, instant-on light and an inviting lighting effect, these LEDs are a great replacement for the incandescents, halogens, and CFLs you use every day. 

There are a lot of LED manufacturers in the market, however there are none that are vertically integrated to the degree that Philips lighting is. They control the making of the chip, the lamp and the driver! These lamps are a very affordable bridge from traditional light bulbs to LED. They make a lot of sense when you or your business want to save energy and reduce your power bill. 

The LED A19 bulb that is equivalent to a 60W light bulb only uses 8.5 watts of power! That is a savings of 51.5 watts of power that you don't have to pay for. If you have a few lamps in your home the savings maybe small. However, if you have a commercial building with 100 can lights the savings is BIG.

If you have been fearing LED bulbs because you thought they cost to much or that they would not look like the light bulb you have been using for all these years, STOP. LED bulbs have soft tones that mimic standard light bulbs and offer substantial savings on energy cost. No need to keep those 60 watt light bulbs under the bed. Take advantage of LED bulb price points down under $5, it's a no brainer!

led-bulbs-under-$5-philips offers Philips LED bulbs for many applications:

  • Traditional lamp shapes (A19, BR30 & PAR38)
  • Similar light output to the most popular conventional wattages
  • 60W A19 $4.99

    65W BR30 $5.99

    90W PAR38 $9.95

  • Available in a range of color temperatures
  • - 2700K (A19, BR30)

    - 3000K (PAR38)

    - 5000K (A19)

    So stop hoarding light bulbs and start switching on the savings with LED bulbs from Philips!