Posted by Doug Root on 15th Jun 2020

Interesting Facts about OsRam Bulbs and Lighting

OsRam Licht AG (Aktiengesellschaft) isn’t only one of the oldest suppliers of some of the best quality lighting products in the world. It has a long and storied history and the company has given rise to many technological innovations over the years that have changed the ways businesses and consumers use lighting. Innovative, creative, and practical, OsRam lighting can be found all over the world in a variety of different situations.

Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we offer OsRam bulbs and lighting products for a wide range of uses and all at great prices. But with a company as fabled and interesting as OsRam, there’s bound to be more interesting backstory than simple product descriptions. Check out some of these interesting facts about OsRam Licht AG.

  • The name OsRam is not just a random assortment of letters; nor is it the name of a person. It is a sort of portmanteau of Osmium and Wolfram, which are two elements that were commonly used in the production of lighting filaments early in the history of the company. Wolfram is more widely known as tungsten in English, though it is also known by its less common name - this is also the reason the chemical indicator for Tungsten is W. Even today, some light bulbs are still made with Tungsten filaments.
  • OsRam employs nearly 30,000 people around the world and has been in business for over 100 years. Founded in 1919, OsRam is one of the longest-running lighting companies in the world.
  • The Sylvania brand of lighting, which is well known here in the United States, is currently owned by OsRam. In fact, products are typically marketed as OsRam Sylvania, the name under which the company operates stateside. (It is headquartered in Germany.) Actually, to simplify things, today OsRam also sold off some of its products to a new company, Ledvance. This transaction has simplified operations and Ledvance handles non-specialty lighting while OsRam focuses on most of the specialty lighting mentioned here.
  • Speaking of Sylvania, a subsidiary of OsRam, it may even have older roots than its parent company. Sylvania is believed to reach all the way back to 1901.
  • OsRam is one of the largest products of optoelectronic semiconductors in the world and therefore is responsible for a large share of the global production of LEDs.
  • OsRam created a light with two filaments that could be used as both a high beam and a low beam within the headlights of a car. This allowed the need for two light bulbs or separate sources. Sound futuristic? They produced this technology 95 years ago - all the way back in 1925. This innovation helped to solidify the company’s place in the automotive lighting industry.
  • OsRam produced the first marketable xenon gas-discharge lamp which has been hailed for a number of its features. Gas discharge lamps work by allowing electrons to pass through the bulb which is typically filled with a noble gas (like xenon) and some metals. The electrons orbiting some of these atoms are then excited to a higher state and release energy as light. Enough of the technical talk - gas discharge lamps have the potential to be brighter than alternatives, all while drawing less energy and producing less heat.
  • OsRam doesn’t only produce lights in the categories aforementioned. OsRam is also a producer of specialty lamps such as infrared heating lamps, medical lamps, airfield lamps with IRC technology and halogen airfield lamps as well as entertainment lamps for theaters.

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