Posted by doug Root on 22nd Jul 2019

Historic Changes: Our Guide to Retrofitting Older or Historic Buildings with Upgraded Lighting

Tourists and cultural patrons love to explore the architectural wonders that our ancestors have left to us, but that doesn’t always mean they want to struggle to see the treasures these buildings hold through bad, musty lighting. On the other hand, if you force a “modern” look into an antiquated frame, you might lose a lot of the charm and historicity that makes the building important in the first place. To retrofit LED lights in a historic building is truly to walk a fine line between the old and the new.

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Lighting older buildings can be a tricky prospect, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as big of a headache as you might assume it to be. We present to you Atlanta Light Bulbs’ ultimate guide to creating lighting solutions for old or historic buildings!

Respecting the Space

One of the trickiest parts of a project like this is knowing what to change and what to leave alone. An LED retrofit isn’t a controversial proposition for something like a warehouse or a grocery store, but people can get touchy when it comes to modern tech in antique edifices. As a rule, people enjoy the convenience of current technology, but don’t enjoy being made aware of its presence.

A little bit of good judgement goes a long way when it comes to lighting historic buildings. An LED retrofit might not be appropriate if it’s stuck right next to the natural lighting of a stained glass window in a cathedral; on the other hand, people might really appreciate it in a historic household or manor, where it could allow them to see more of the detailing of the storied home. Lighting these types of structures should strike a balance between respecting the space’s aesthetics and allowing it to be more functional. And speaking of functional...

Working for It

If there’s any kind of historical space where it’s encouraged to retrofit LED lights into its fixtures, it’s the ones where work is taking place. You might be surprised at how many buildings across the United States this can describe: from the Pioneer Courthouse in Portland to the James Watson Court of International Trade in New York City, it’s a safe bet that every one of the 50 states has a historical structure that houses dozens or hundreds of day jobs inside of it. These are the types of buildings that are ripe for an LED retrofit.

Workplaces prioritize efficiency over aesthetics, so property owners tend to be somewhat less ginger about letting electricians and architects give the space a lighting makeover. That’s not to say you should start ripping off the paneling and install floodlights where there used to be fine oak, but lighting historical buildings that serve a modern function will give you more leeway as to where and how you want to refurbish its fixtures. The employees will thank you for the LED retrofit that allows them to do their jobs with greater ease, and they’ll still have the pleasure of getting to work inside a piece of history every day.

The Right Lights for the Job

You’re probably asking yourself, now that you know a couple of the basics of updating old buildings with modern lighting, about what kinds of lights might be best for the job. It’s going to vary from building to building, but we have a few suggestions at the ready.

Our  Filament Antique page is brimming with options for an LED retrofit that preserves the feel of bygone days. S14 Sign Type bulbs blend perfectly with older architecture. JC20 from Halco Lighting has a retro look that shines with present-day luminosity. The C9 Shape with E12 Base is cost efficient and works with many older environments. Wafer light fixtures make for an efficient and unobtrusive lighting solution...and our LED retrofit kits will help you get the job done in record time

As you can see, you’ve got a world of options at your disposal when it comes to creating a modern lighting solution for a premodern edifice...and with Atlanta Light Bulbs at your side, that solution can be cheaper and easier to figure out than ever before.

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