Posted by Doug Root on 28th Sep 2017

Heads Up! Philips Low Pressure Sodium SOX Bulbs Are Going the Way of the Dodo

Low pressure sodium light bulb and an illustration of a dodo

The lighting industry faces the most important technological transition since its birth, moving from conventional light sources to LED-based lighting. This change is for the better, enabling new lighting experiences to be delivered in a more energy-efficient way.

The SOX Lamp is Being Phased Out in 2020

In a memo from Philips Lighting BV on September 21, 2017, an announcement was made regarding low pressure sodium SOX bulbs.

Because of the changes in technologies, the demand for SOX (Low Pressure Sodium) lamps has been significantly declining. The new LED generation is connected and controllable, unlike the good old low pressure sodium SOX light bulb. The SOX lamp has been a workhorse for municipalities for years, and Philips has constantly adapted manufacturing to increasing or decreasing demand. However, based on current trends and direction of the market, Philips intends to phase out the production of SOX lamps in the course of 2020.

Changes Must be Made

Philips’s decision was hard to make, but they’re reacting to an ever-changing environment. Low pressure sodium SOX lamps will surely be missed. The phase-out of the product line is to begin July 1st, 2019. These products will be produced in 2019 and 2020 in accordance with the mutually agreed delivery time. Below you will find more details on the portfolio and dates.

The Switch to LED Technology

If you have SOX lamps in your parking lot fixtures, now is the time to look at switching to LED technology. Notable products that would do a wonderful job of replacing SOX fixtures include Phillips’ DigiStreet LED luminaires. You could also consider combining LED luminaires with controls to obtain the latest state of the art lighting system.

The phase-out of these low pressure sodium light bulbs and old lighting technologies meshes with Philips Lighting’s global strategy to focus on LED lighting products, lighting systems, and services, including connected LED lighting. Philips is aiming to become the leading lighting company in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Phase Out Schedule

SKU # (6NC) Material # (12NC) Description Last Order Date
151167 928147500029 SOX 180 6PK July, 2019
327817 928145500028 SOX 35 12PK July, 2019
234047 928145200028 SOX-E18 12PK July, 2019
321539 928147000028 SOX135 12PK July, 2019
321513 928146000028 SOX55 12PK July, 2019
321521 928146500028 SOX90 12PK July, 2019