Posted by Doug Root on 14th Aug 2015

Good LEDs vs Cheap LEDs

Why are some LED light bulbs so cheap!

The OLD LED bulb style pictured above

It is hard for any manufacturer to have great products at great prices.We as American's always want bigger and better for less money. Manufacturers are faced with some hard decisions these days. 

Do we make a product we can stand behind, one that we engineer to be the best and sell it at a price worthy of it's quality?


Do we engineer the product to fit a price point? Lets consider the dollar before the products integrity.

This happens day in and day out and creates what I like to call "backward engineering"  You ask what does backward engineering mean? 

Good question! I will give you an example. 

Suppose you are a purchasing agent for a large National retailer and corporate has pushed down a mandate to cut cost. So, you do. 

You work with your manufacturers to get cost down by engineering the product to fit the cost you need. The conversation may go something like this..."We would love to offer your 8 watt LED A19 product on our shelves, however we need to sell it to our consumer at $5.00 per LED bulb." The manufacturer may say..."OK, currently we do not have a product to meet your price point but we can make one!" We can lower the life rating and use less expensive components, make your lamp non-dimmable and we'll give it a 1 year warranty rather than a 5, then YES, YES I believe we can make a lamp that you can buy for $3 and sell for $5!"

So when you are buying that LED bulb make sure you feel comfortable with the brand, make sure the warranty is at least 3-5 years, check the Lighting Facts label on the package so you get a true understanding of the LED bulbs characteristics.