Posted by Doug Root on 2nd Nov 2015

Georgia Power Rebate Money is Available for Atlanta LED Lighting Upgrades

Reduce Bills

Lighting upgrades are “low hanging fruit” when it comes to achieving significant energy cost savings for buildings. According to Georgia Power, “lighting is one of the easiest areas to reduce costs without spending a lot of money because lighting is one of the largest energy consumers in commercial buildings.” Changes are usually easy, inexpensive, and have a quick payback period.

Now you can shorten that payback period even faster by getting up to $60,000 annually in utility rebates if you are a Georgia Power commercial customer, and upgrade to energy-efficient lighting.

As a Georgia Power Trade Ally, Atlanta Light Bulbs & ALB Energy Solutions can help you earn incentives by improving the energy efficiency of your business. Lighting incentives are available for retrofitting existing facilities and for new construction projects that incorporate a highly efficient lighting design. Incentives will be paid up to 50% of project cost, which can include installation and equipment costs.

You can maximize your rebate by thinking of total turnkey costs. Specifically for 2015:

$25,000 max per building per year up to 50% of project cost for Linear Fluorescent, High Bay, LED Fixture and other Fixtures @ $0.20/watt reduced. (Typically electrician installed)

$10,000 per building per year up to 50% of project cost for Pole-Mounted Outdoor Lighting) existing building retrofit only) @ $0.20/watt reduced.

$25,000 max for the energy-efficient lamps (Could be self-installed)— CFLs (retrofit only), LED Lamp (retrofit only), LED Exit Sign (retrofit only), Occupancy Sensor, and Daylight Sensor.

Custom Savings also offers incentives for more complex and site-specific opportunities for energy conservation measures. Incentives will be determined by Georgia Power on a project-by-project basis. Custom savings incentives are $0.08/kWh reduced ($40,000 per building per year up to 50% of project cost)

If your Georgia Power utility bill says “Small Commercial” then you may qualify for even more rebate dollars —$0.40/watt reduced versus $0.20 for standard commercial customers. Click here to learn more

We are an approved Georgia Power Trade Ally. 

ALB Energy Solutions is well positioned to get you the best rebate that you qualify for. We have been rigorously trained on the Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program to help customers like you implement energy efficiency projects and apply for incentives. We know the best technologies, can perform lighting energy analysis, supply the products and offer installation, removal, and recycling services. We will even prepare and file the paperwork for you! – all we need is your Georgia Power account number and a w9!

To submit a rebate for your business all we need is the following:

  • 2015 Payee Designation form
  • W9
  • GA Power Account Number