Posted by Doug Root on 17th Dec 2015

Easily Switch Out T5 HO Fluorescent to T5 HO LED Tubes

No Rewiring. No Electrician Needed. Go LED by simply changing the T5 fluorescent lamp…

You could save 50% on the cost of electricity in your facility by just changing your fluorescent F54T5 bulbs from fluorescent lamps to LED.  Keystone Technologies 54W equivalent T5HO LED replacement tubes offer substantial energy savings over standard fluorescent T5 HO lamps, and you won’t be able to tell the difference in lighting—just cost.

F54T5/HO LED Fluorescent T5 Replacment LED Lamps

The Keystone LED T5 HO are direct replacements for F54T5/830/HO , F54T5/835/HO , F54T5/841/HO and F54T5/850/HO lamps. The T5HO plug and play lamps feature  SmartDrive technology that allows for easy installation. Simply turn off the power source to the existing fixture, remove the fluorescent lamp, install the LED lamp, and turn the power back on! Changing T5 bulbs is literally as easy as 1-2-3.

F54T5 LED T5 Replacment Bulbs

Make the switch to LED today!

These environmentally-friendly bulbs are compatible with most programmed start electronic T5HO ballasts. With the T5 HO LED lamps, you get 50,000 hours of light, instant startup, and 100+ lumens per watt. Switching out your overhead bulbs is now easier than ever with our cool, shatter-proof plug and play tubes.

* Contact our team for a list of compatible ballasts.

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