Posted by Bobby Jackson on 18th Sep 2015

Don't be Scared of LED Bulbs

There are a lot of people out there that are afraid of change. Lighting should not be one of those. Going from incandescent or  CFL bulbs to LED bulbs is easy if you understand the technology. The old incandescent light bulb that we have all came to know and love was basically just a small heater. These bulbs were and are very inefficient. The technology behind incandescent bulbs is basically taking electricity and forcing it through a small filament causing it to glow, crazy right! That technology has been lighting our world for decades…it’s time to change.

With ever growing research and knowledge now there are several different types of light sources. The most popular technology today is LED. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This type of lighting is more energy efficient than your standard incandescent. In some cases up to 10 times more efficient. Not to mention that they can last 10 times as long as your standard incandescent. Overall the LED technology “outshines” the standard incandescent.

LED Bulb = Normal Bulbx 10

Here is an example of how LED bulbs can reduce your energy consumption, which in turn will help reduce your energy bill. Let’s think about your basic ceiling fan. There are typically 4 sockets in the light kit. These four sockets usually have 60w incandescent lamps in them. That’s 240 watts of electricity in a single household fixture. These lamps produce an average 750 Lumens each for a total of 3000 lumens (lumens is measurement of visible light). If you were to replace the incandescent bulbs with 4 LED’s at 8.5 watts each for a total of 34 watts. You would not only save 206 watts you would increase your lumens overall by 200. That’s basically using 1/7th of the energy to produce approximately 9% more light.

So, remember when shopping for LED bulbs to look at the lumen output. The lumens can be compared to show you what wattage in LED is equivalent to your incandescent bulb.

It makes perfect sense. You are reducing your power consumption and generating more visible light. Not to mention that LED’s will last more than 10 times as long as your old incandescent lamps.

Let’s get over our fear of change and start embracing the future in lighting. It not only will save you time and money but will help save the environment as well. We can all have an impact on our future one bulb at a time.

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