Posted by Doug Root on 1st Mar 2019

Do I need a special dimmer switch for LED light bulbs?

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LEDS have advanced in convenience and popularity to such a degree that most LED bulbs and  LED fixtures are now dimmable. Being dimmable is one thing, but knowing what dimming switch works with your particular LED is the most important part of the discussion. Keep reading to learn how to find the ideal dimmer for your LED lights.

How it Works

You’re probably going to notice some variance in how your LEDs dim versus how traditional bulbs tend to. The main difference is that you have a smaller dimming range (typically 70-90% range vs. 100% with incandescent or halogen). LED Bulbs may not shut off at the lowest dim setting like traditional bulbs. This happens because the dimmer thinks the bulb is completely off due to the low amount of wattage the LED consumes. In traditional dimming systems you are simply lowering the voltage/power to the bulb, which in turn dims it down. With LED bulbs you cannot limit the power to the driver, because if you do, the bulb would flicker or just turn off. A dimmer for LED lights is specially designed to send power and control signals to each type of electronic LED driver.

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Trusting the Package

Typically, the manufacturer will have a website link that lists the compatible dimmers for the particular model you are using. You can also visit the dimming manufacturers’ site to see if they have a listing of compatible dimmable LED lights and fixtures. Checking for compatibility is important because LED bulbs and fixtures all have different drivers that regulate power for the LED chip inside your bulb or fixture, and these drivers all work on different lighting systems. It is important to understand what type of system you have and what dimmer will work for your LED lights before you make a purchase.

We suggest using Lutron dimmers.  Lutron has been in the lighting control business since the 1960s, so they understand lighting and how to control it. To meet the rising consumer demand for LEDs, they invented C.L Dimmers, which were specifically designed to work with modern LED bulbs and fixtures, as well as older technologies like CFL'sincandescents, and halogen bulbs. Lutron has even developed a spectacular tool that allows you to find the dimming device that works specifically with your LED! Finding a dimmer for your LED lights is no issue when you trust the resources provided by great companies like Lutron. Here are a few of the most compatible Lutron LED Dimming Switches:

Here are a few of the most compatible Lutron LED Dimming Switches


Diva Dimmer


Caseta Wireless

Caseta Wireless


Maestro MACL-153M Dimmers

Maestro Dimmer


MSCL-OP153M Occupancy sensor

Maestro Dimmer


Lumea Dimmer


AYCL-153P WH Ariadni Dimmer Switch

Ariadni Dimmer


CTCL-153P Skylark dimmer

Skylark Dimmer


RadioRA Maestro


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